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  1. How many posts has canada hit? Crazy
  2. This Slovakia game is the best wjc game I've seen in a while
  3. When Matheson and Edmundson were out to start the season, I was quite concerned about how the team would perform. It turned out there wasn't much change in team performance with them in or out of the line up. The team does not seem to have much compete with Monahan out. It could just be me, but it looks that way. So if the likelihood of dropping low enough to pick #1 is low, should you maybe look at signing him?
  4. Evans looks like a 10 goal per year, strong defensive 4th liner to me. Lehkonen was more than that IMO. But he was very snake bit for scoring after his rookie year.
  5. Agreed on Dach. He was the best player on that line. I'm also watching Florida with interest.
  6. Galley pronunciation of Rodriguez reminds me of Ricky from trailer park boys. He's said Rodragwez 3 or 4 times.
  7. Tough 2nd. Allen facing more rubber than a coed on spring break
  8. Bad trade. He would be such a great role player and mentor to this young team. The only one I was against last year.
  9. I went into this season accepting that it is a development year. No starting goalie. No number one and a questionable number two defenseman. 4 rookies on defense. Foreward Lineup full of inconsistent floaters and injury prone forwards. My outlook from the beginning was that as long as the youngsters develope, it's a good year. I don't really cheer to lose. That's impossible. But I've tried rationalize that losing this year is favorable, considering the draft class. Can I hope that Monahan is extended by the Habs? Not a chance. Can I hope that they're going to to go get a goalie? No. Can I hope that they find a replacement for Markov? (No PP quarterback is the reason their PP sucks) No. Is there a goalie in the system? No. Is there a PP QB in the system? Maybe. Hutson looks pretty awesome. Here's hoping. The last thing I want in a season of no hope, is to finish 17th and weaken the odds of the better pick. I get the logic that winning is good for development. If it's a development year and the team finishes 10 spots ahead of where they should have, it could be argued that they are ahead in the rebuild. I'm not cheering to lose. I'm just trying to view the season as a whole. In my opinion, there is a big advantage to picking early this year.
  10. I love watching them compete and win. I always do. But at this point I want another losing season. I've seen decades of perpetual bubble teams with not enough horses to be consistently competitive. A top 5 this year is what I want. I want guhle, Harris and slaf to continue developing. I want suzuki caufield dach to continue scoring and developing chemistry. Beyond that. Burn it down for one more year. It's a losing team. Let's at least get the reward at the end if the year. I'm good with just beating the Leafs, bruins and sens. Tell the losing culture stuff to new jersey.
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