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  1. Lose to Anaheim Chicago Buffalo Ottawa Phoenix is desirable. For the same reason as beating a division rival for a playoff spot. Buffalo may have graduated from basement to bubble.
  2. Ive listened to him so much on tsn 690, that I'm used to momesso and his pauses.
  3. 17th to 24th is not where you want to finish. 25th or worse in a rebuild year is ideal in my view. Provided key players are developing. With that, I've seen enough of Hoffman and Dadanov. Give a youngster a shot.
  4. How many soft shitty passes and dump outs tonight? Oof
  5. Guhle playing well ish. Caufield with the goal. Just need a loss now
  6. I suppose the same could be said about alcohol commercials, but the gambling ads bother me. Not a fan
  7. Habs playing pretty good and down by 2. Every game I want the same things. Caufield suzuki dach continue scoring. Guhle Harris play well and improve Slafkovsky play well and improve Lose the game.
  8. Has anyone watched Tage Thompson this year? It's fun to watch a player breakout like he has. What a combo of size and skill!
  9. The whole story is that the poly group ( polysouvient sic) called out ccfr as gun trolls for selling merchandise to raise money. Ccfr responded with the code. I believe the poly code was a response to the poly group calling them names. Either way it was horrible and disgusting. But I don't think it was a celebration of the massacre. The leader of that group is a right winged radical. She should have been removed years ago, but has support from many other radicals who contribute.
  10. I'm sure if he was aware of the horrible promo code, Price would not have stated his support. It's shocking that they would actually do that. Price as an indigenous citizen was raised hunting and fishing. Questioning the inclusion of multiple hunting rifles (many of which are single shot, break barrel or bolt action) is not an issue which warrants being canceled over. I strongly believe that, had he known of the promo code, he would not have announced his support. The timing with the poly anniversary is the other concern. Why did the government choose this time to slide in the ammendment with multiple hunting rifles? The timing was politically motivated. Most certainly. Now the media tears into CP for the timing of his opposition. Well played by the government. Introduce the ammendment a week before the anniversary. Any opposition will be labeled as insensitive. Edit. For the record, I am disgusted that this organization would do something like use that promo code. Retire his number. He meant no harm. He just likes hunting.
  11. If KK stayed and signed with Montreal, do they make the moves to pickup Dach? I think no. Time will tell, but so far so good on these two.
  12. Ya. I'm not too sure what he's learning, playing these minutes.
  13. Let's hope this can translate at nhl level. I know you're not supposed to get excited about prospects, but after he was drafted, I watched a bunch of video. I'm excited about this kid.
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