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  1. How amazing is that series? Best star wars thing of all time imo. My favorite TV show of 22
  2. I was about to say the same thing. He looked pretty strong last night.
  3. Haha. I benched hugges against suzuki and hughes put up 3 points. He Saud it himself. He's on a heater.
  4. Slaf has been watching video of big dudes protecting the puck with their backs. Looks like he's applying it tonight.
  5. I benched suzuki for jack hughes in my pool. Whoops. Got it wrong twice in a row.
  6. The 1945 1946 white with blue stripe is my favorite retro sweater. I wish they'd use it more often
  7. I'm very impressed with the devils speed and puck battle abilities. They win every race and every battle.
  8. Wow. NJ with the speed and skill! Boys need to look where they're passing. Ugly expos sweaters shouldn't be hard to miss.
  9. Sheesh. Let's enjoy this rebuild. Not lament the future cost of the players that are in early stages of their careers.
  10. Holy crap that was an entertaining game. Kirby Dach is great so far in a Habs jersey. That line is scarey every shift. Suzuki has definitely found another level this year.
  11. Oof. He's killing my hockey pool. I think I need to drop him.
  12. My daughter dated a prospect who trained with the lightening, rangers and flames. He said st Louis was the most devoted to conditioning of anybody he practiced or played with.
  13. It's always good to keep some perspective and try to gain wisdom from the past, so I tend to agree with this point. There is not enough sample size for sure. I was prepared for disappointment with dach, but since training camp, I have liked what I've seen from him. I am hopeful that he can continue to develope and fill that 2c need in the future.
  14. I'm pretty happy with dach so far as well. I like him more than kk.
  15. I have noticed this as well. I was going to mention it during the wild game. I think he needs to go down. Of the 3 rookie defense, Harris has impressed me the most. He consistently makes smart plays in his own zone.
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