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  1. I'd say he's far far more likely to be a mike McCarron than a Brady Tkachuk. Based on his current performance.
  2. I was a young boy during this time, but I played hockey. Watching my dad and my uncle's fanatic behavior about the Canadiens, I really had no choice but to jump on the bandwagon at 6 years old.
  3. I think the key with Xhekaj, Struble, and Harris will be to make sure that all 3 get enough ice time to develop this season. The tough decision of which one to trade, is likely coming this year. I hope Hughes gets it right. If Xhekaj is Bieksa2.0, I'd sooner keep him. But he's gonna need to stay out of the box to get that chance.
  4. So the thing that I worry about most is trading the wrong player. But the time is coming. Matheson, Harris, xhekaj, ghule, now struble is looking very promising, and hutson is 1 to 2 years from joining the team. That's 6 nhl calber defenseman for 3 positions on the left side. This team is weak up front. They have 1 offensive line, 1.5 offensive lines with dach and maybe newhook, and no help coming from the farm. It's obvious that the trade winds they're a blowin. Eventually a couple of these quality left d will need to be traded. If you're the gm, do you trade a dman in the summer for help up front, or do you give it another year to make sure you're keeping the best players?
  5. 2 1st round picks for some cap space and no salary retained. That is some great asset management. I reckon the 2nd half may be worse than the 1st half. Evans is a 4th line centre, not a 2nd line.
  6. Is it just me or do players stay out way longer under MSL? They seem to play long shifts.
  7. Has he ever been suspended? If not, 2 to 5. If he has maybe more than 5. That was a terrible hit. Blind side, couldn't get the hit, so elbow right to the chops. Just brutal.deserving of 5 games regardless of history imo
  8. The losses are expected and considering the loss of Dach, the team is doing better than I expected. I watch for development. It's been great watching Slafkovsky improve and start to find his game. I just don't like seeing Ghule play the right side. It's good to see he can handle it, and I suppose you could argue that he is developing by playing rd. Would still rather see him excel at LD than hold his own at RD. As far as wanting a strategic associate coach, I don't think that's a sky is falling ask.
  9. Also, I want a tactical thinking associate coach. These guys need some defensive structure.
  10. Is there a hockey trade out there for Matheson? It sounds ridiculous to trade your best defenseman, but the cupboard is very full on the left side and the right is a bunch of question marks. I don't like seeing Ghule on the right side. He's done ok over there, but it's not ideal for his development.
  11. I'm done. Not sure what I was expecting.
  12. When you see pasta coming at you, back off. Don't pinch
  13. It's been the difference so far for sure.
  14. They had a panel last week asking if slaf should be demoted to 4th line. Hahaha
  15. Oh shit. I didn't hear. I live in Victoria and I love donuts.
  16. Hrudy is either really hung over, half cut, or about to have a jammer. Dude's face is beat red.
  17. I dont miss xhekaj that much. Dude needs to learn to stay our of the box.
  18. Oof. Allen prolly should have had that last one.
  19. Same with the hold on suzuki. Grabbed his sweater and was yanking on it hard. Right in front of the ref.
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