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  1. At least Mayer did not allow any goals, so he did well in relief.
  2. At first look I like your concept and the way you are thinking. Not sure how how many teams make the playoffs, all 10 or top 8? Something to think about.
  3. I am not usually one to be part of conspiracies but the more I look at Bettman and where he comes from, the NBA, I wonder if he really cares if the NHL succeeds. Maybe he is trying to help out his mentor the commissioner of the NBA by eliminating a competition for the sports dollar in the US. Just a thought and nothing more.
  4. Subban is a very good young player with a boat load of potential, however, not $6Million dollars worth just yet! Mr. Meehan is working for his client and that is what he is hired to do. However, he is not being realistic and I doubt Montreal pays that much. I would like to see the GM pull a Sam Pollock on this player and look to move him. Montreal has good young prospects in the wings for defense. But what do I know, just a fan.
  5. I agree with the last post. Sometimes a player has progressed to the point where returning to a level ( ie. juniors) does not help his development and "Destroying" the competition at that level dos not even help his confidence because he is already way past the others in skill. I do trust the new Management team to do the right thing with the crop of prospects Montreal currently has. It appears to me they are willing to let players develop and if by chance one of these players earns a spot on the Canadiens it will be because he can play at that level.
  6. I do not see Montreal sending Gomez to Hamilton because it is attempting to build a new culture and attitude in Hamilton with its new young prospects.
  7. With a little bit of luck the Wild will be in the playoffs next season. Glad to see a team other then NY, Detroit, Chicago, LA get really good players. Good for them. Hats off to the Wild.
  8. I for one like the idea of always leaving room for your young players. Having hope of making the big club is a good carrot for the young players. I do not favor a Steinbrenner approach of using all of your young talent to get aged/old players on the down side of their career for a short stay with the club.
  9. He is taking a nap, it was an exhausting weekend.
  10. I thought Whitney went to the Wild, hard to keep track.
  11. Looks like Montreal did notice the effectiveness of hard working third and fourth line players for the teams that made it to the last four and last two standing in the Playoffs. There remains the trade option for filling our needs on Offense and well as Defense. I am sure there is more to come but I am not unhappy with the moves so far.
  12. "Trade Bourque, Kaberle & Weber sign Jagr, Latendresse, Kostitsyn, Souray & Bouillion." Now why would Montreal really do this trade? I believe the new GM said he wanted to change the culture, not to go back to the old culture. I would rather see the GM be creative and be a risk taker with new faces.
  13. Whitney, is he 40 years old? I hope Montreal stays away from the older players who have played their best hockey a long time ago.
  14. I read from experts that Montreal would be better lending Gomez to another AHL team rather then sending him to Hamilton, if that is possible it may be a good idea.
  15. What, if anything, could Montreal offer that could get them left Wing Bobby Ryan from the Ducks? Has he not averaged 30 goals a season? That would not be bad to give Plekanek for left wing help. Just thinking while enjoying a Vodka Tonic?
  16. IF it is the player from Finland, not yet 18, yet he played v. men last year. For those who say he is small, at 5' 11" and 165 lbs at age 17, there is room to bulk up and maybe even pick up an inch or so. Draft day, love the intrigue.
  17. Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking the Chicago guy when I said partying type.
  18. McGuire is McGuire and no one should be surprised with what comes out of his mouth. Montreal made the right choice by NOT selecting this guy for any position within the organization.
  19. I am confused, which Kane are you all thinking may be available? Kane in Chicago or Kane in Winipeg? I was thinking Kane in Chicago has the reputation of a man who likes to party and may be available for the right deal. I do not see Winipeg trying to find a trade for their Kane.
  20. Parenteau? Not sure he can replicate last year's numbers without his center, Taveras. Would be a good choice for those who want more French players on the team? Is he from Quebec or Ontario?
  21. Could Kane with a reputation of a party happy young man survive in the Montreal media? Probably not unless the organization can surround him with good mentors. Other then that, he would be a good addition. Will not hold my breath on it happening.
  22. Gallant will have to learn French and become fluent in the language if he even thinks he can become head coach in Montreal.
  23. I do not think Mario Tremblay would accept any position with the Canadiens, I might be wrong but I do believe he loves his current work with RDS.
  24. This thread is going nowhere, the man has not even stepped on the ice or behind the bench. Let's move on and allow time for the man to make his first mistake. What he did years ago amounts to nothing, zilch, nata.
  25. Make all the deals you want but Price, Suban, Patches, Cole and Eller are not included in any trade. I think I will never be a candidate for GM,oh well I stay a fan.
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