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  1. The rumoured price is insane. How Anaheim thinks they can get a king's ransom for a floating winger who's best season is 20ish goals and 60ish points, and has already gained a reputation for not being coachable is beyond me. Seems he'd be worth a low 1st round pick at best. Watching these playoffs and seeing how important the physicality Florida couples with skill has been in their success, I don't want a player like Zegras. If I'm going to give up significant assets, I want a guy more like Slaf...strength and scoring in the same package.
  2. Berube is a good coach, but he's not going to be able to turn crummy D-men into good D-men by tweaking their positioning a little, he doesn't have a Benjamin Button potion to administer to John Tavares, and he's not going to be able to magically give Mitch Marner the balls to visit the middle of the offensive zone during the playoffs.
  3. I'm in this camp....I believe that he was never worthy of his draft position, and it was a screw-up of epic proportions by Bergevin and his scout team. How much better would we be with Brady Tkachuk in our top 6? Or Quinn Hughes on our blueline? Sickens me.
  4. The misery in Leafs Nation is warming my soul.
  5. I'm hoping for a Bruins sweep, with all 4 games being lopsided . I want maximum pain and suffering for the Leafs and their fans, creating absolute chaos for the Leafs organization over the offseason.
  6. That cinches it....5th last place is ours
  7. 4-2.....under 6min to go. This looks promising.
  8. Yotes up 3-1 with 14:30 to go in the 3rd....let's hope they are better at holding a lead than our Habs are.
  9. Unfortunate that we picked up a point tonight, but it was nice to see Caufield's hot streak continue.
  10. Well, if you're going to insist on picking up harmful points, that's the way to do it. The Flyers looked like a team trying to get their coach fired tonight...Torts is done.
  11. I sincerely hope they mail it in tonight...we need a regulation loss.
  12. Wifi being hurt yet again is so disheartening. We finally get a player with some toughness, but he appears injury prone and probably shouldn't fight very often if at all from here on out to prevent further shoulder issues.
  13. Feels like a solid draft position is slipping away.
  14. I don't love picking up points in the situation we are in, but it's hard not to be happy seeing Cayden Primeau putting together some impressive performances the past couple of weeks. He just might be the solid goaltender we need to pair with Montembeault after all.
  15. Hoping for a high scoring regulation loss in this one, featuring goals from our top line and #89
  16. I see this from him damn near every game he plays. The way he chased the puck carrier into the corner, and then halfway to the blueline along the boards to take himself out of position on the Backlund goal was frustrating. I'm hoping that our abundance of D prospects pushes him out of the picture sooner than later.
  17. It was good for the first 5 minutes. After that, it can only be viewed as good if you are huge Primeau fan.
  18. If someone just caught the final score, they'd think that the Habs played well....and boy oh boy would they be wrong. Primeau kept Columbus from coming back in that game (well, that and Columbus being very short on high-end talent).
  19. Even better. He can go float in Liiga from here on out....a definitive stamp on Bergevin and his scouting team being complete idiots for drafting him.
  20. Ehlers - Monahan - Toffoli should be an excellent 2nd line for them.
  21. KK is a 4th line winger now....next stop is being a healthy scratch.
  22. I would have preferred a regulation loss...but somehow they found a way to win a sloppy one.
  23. I'm going to miss the first few minutes of this game, because I'll be tuned into Leafs-Rangers to see if Rempe and Reaves drop the gloves right off the hop. Hoping for a Reaves loss, and a solid performance from our first line tonight featuring a goal (or two) from 22.
  24. Pettersson signed: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/39638084/canucks-sign-elias-pettersson-eight-year-928m-extension
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