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  1. Hope you've got your things together Hope you are quite prepared to die Looks like we're in for Yannick Weber An eye is taken for an eye ...From "Bad Moon Rising" - CCR
  2. :puke: I would've rathered OL' Gil from the Simpsons...
  3. Anyone know the latest health status on these guys? What kind of injury did SKost sustain anyway... never heard much about it. And how about Lang? There was some talk that he could possibly return if we made it deep enough into the playoffs. Wouldn't THAT be great.
  4. Yep I agree, time for Sergei to come back up. I was glad he was sent down and hopefully he'll come back with a fire in his belly.
  5. Clearly the players couldn't stand Carbonneau and his methods/systems (and I can't blame them) and they became disillusioned and tuned him out. Therefore, if we want to win - and that IS the main goal here - he had to go. Simple as that. Whether he had the POTENTIAL someday of being a good coach or not... that's not the issue at hand. You know, I have a lot of respect for Carbo as a former great habs player...but it could very well be possible that Carbonneau in person is just a completely arrogant arsehole and no one liked him.
  6. This is a day of much rejoicing for my people! Throughout the land! ta-tee ta-tye ta-tee ta-too... (drunken leprechaun on Simpsons)
  7. Colin and NHfarber and me are correct.... settle down Kozed.
  8. I thought Gainey did a FINE job last time he stepped in as coach. He had the team skating, attacking, and playing an aggressive 2 man forecheck. I hope he implements the same thing again this time. One word sums up my feelings about the Carbonneau firing --> yay
  9. I can't really agree with you on that one Kozed. If lines 1 and 2 have "carte blanche", how come they are all hanging back in the neutral zone instead of up in the offensive zone forechecking and trying to make things happen? Yes I realize they need to be defensively aware, but sending in just one forechecker is one of the stupidest strategies I have ever seen. It does practically nothing to impede the other teams break out. Either send in 2 forecheckers or don't even bother. Also, the Habs are not a fast team. We might like to think they are, but they're not. They are too busy backpeddling to be considered fast.
  10. Good game by Kovy, but somehow he doesn't seem 100% - he seemed to run out of gas in the latter part of the game. He mentioned that those blood tests he had took "found a few things" and he had lost weight. I don't think he's entirely well. Also, I wish that stupid Carbo would take him OFF the PK. For the following reasons: (1) Conserve the man's energy for offensive purposes. (2) One blocked slapshot off the ankle and there's our best offensive player gone indefinitely. (3) Kovy just doesn't the breakaway speed you want from a PK guy coving the point.
  11. I like this move. I've been wanting Sergei to be sent down for a while now.
  12. I understand the next practice is going to be bowling without a ball. Good. About time Carbonneau got tough.
  13. This might sound stupid, but you know what defenceman we really need? Sheldon Souray.
  14. Give Andrei some time... some players just take longer to blossom than others.
  15. Kostitsyn will wind up being better than Vanek, I think. In a few years this guy is going to be a monster. He's got a better shot than Vanek, and a nasty streak that Vanek does not have. And as for younger brother Sergei - here's another guy that needs powerskating lessons. I'm surprised by how slow he is....
  16. It wouldn't be insulting for Lats to be compared to Lucic - it would be discouraging to him. He'll never be like that. Like Habsfan said, Carbo shouldn't have even used the words Lucic and Latendresse in the same sentence. If Latendresse was having somewhat of an identity crisis up to that point, that made it even worse
  17. I think this was a real dumb thing for Carbo to say... real dumb. It's pretty obvious Latendresse will never be another Lucic - he's just not that type of guy. Lucic is a thug who can score... he's got an innate meanness, anger and aggression (comes from his turbulent Yugoslav roots maybe?) that Latendresse just doesn't have. You can't force it. Latendresse will turn out (hopefully) to be something like a Glen Murray - big strong guy, hard to move off the puck in front of the net, soft hands, good shot/quick release. Senseless, needless pressure put on Latendresse by Carbo. That man says some really stupid things sometimes.
  18. Yep, me. I think D'ago would be a very effective player - what we need. I'm disappointed.
  19. hehe, I *like* Maguire. In fact, I wish he was our coach.
  20. D'Agostini and Chipchura would totally change the face of this team koivu... for the better.
  21. Yep, Lang on the way out, Sergei down to Hamilton, Sundin coming aboard, and D'Agostini in
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