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  1. in the word of the Flair: WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  2. TUNA!!!!!! get the W for Cayden; Boys!!!!!
  3. Ur better then any doc I have seen in a hospital from that diagnosis I really do hope, wish and pray KK the Person is okay tho
  4. ouch!!! Hope KK is alright, he looked like he landed alot on his head 😕
  5. well I hope he buy the beer for the boys, at the very least he should get you a beer Mr. Commandant, I know I owe you 1 at the very least
  6. Holy S**T!!!!!! He got beat BAD!!!! (edit) I should pay a bit more attention to advance stats, Thank you for the 101
  7. oOhhh Battal!!!! Yikes! I guess I'm not seeing things right 😕 Mind you I just saw his last shift and it didn't look too solid 😕
  8. is that any good?numbers seem higher so its better?
  9. idk know either I just saw that. He just seems like he trying when I'm looking maybe lollll
  10. I like this Olofsson kid. 2 games now I keep noticing him
  11. Honestly rappers get called out. Talk to different folks bud please. Ima telling you 'nuff ppl around me call me out for making n-word common slang for my kid and he looks more like his mum then like me. So he may have the same problems as you if he starts putting it in his vernacular. I'm just saying this not to under value the point you trying to make but more for you to look at from where your point of view is coming from.It sounds like it comes from a place of hate Please Chris hear this; It was F***n hard for me to go to sugar shack 1st Few times with folks I didn't understand but I swear by the 10th time I figured out more about the people I Never thought I could and as an added Bonus the Wonders of Real maple syrup Ima here on this site thanks to alot of ppl I have been blessed to meet thanks to my understanding of Qc culture and People
  12. I agree it was nice to see the young man play like he wasn't scared of the puck
  13. Canada couldav also had a PM who wears a turban and that same man could not be a teacher or cop or even simple clerk at city hall in Qc (Qc law 21). CJ purging Russians weak AF move I give you that. Any color folk ask you for a job? no? you ain't racist in my book. Can't give what isn't yours to give
  14. you just described bureaucracy in Qc lollll MB been hanging out too much with Codere the old mayor lollll
  15. Valid yet I'm not sure about that. Imho: Racism is using your power post to keep/beat down people that don't look like you in skin tone. Aliu said coach told gm to put down league a player (him) bcuz nah like his music and called him a n****r. He (coach) used his post of power to negatively impact man livelihood bcuz of race; that imho; is racism. Habs hiring french speaking coaches is having an extra job requirement (as opposed to other teams). Now if the Habs denied jobs to people ("they" still are people) of color (as Tavern 1909 was alleged to do) then that would become racism, as the job denial would be race related and not be a matter of missing skill set, imho (edit) racism is ugly I will agree with you on that Chris
  16. if "old school" coaching gives a "free pass" to bully and use "old boys club" "privilege card" to keep doing such non sense. GREAT!!! (edit) I will even go as far as Make Hockey Great Again!!! lollll
  17. KK seems like he playing scared of the f***n puck 😕
  18. I like babs! let me clarify I like that a grown a$$ man let other men/women call him babs, seems to me as some1 who is good with they self. That said; like CC said he ain't no Bowman
  19. Alexandre Pratt said he should have been fired 25 years ago with his good Nazis comment I agree (edit: none of the other Turd Nuggets out of his stinky mouth wouldav had a National platform) https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/hockey/201911/12/01-5249345-don-cherry-congedie-25-ans-trop-tard.php
  20. I say over I think Mete like red light going off in front of him not behind him
  21. kinda fun game so far but the ice seems to be velcro between blue line and top of circle in both ends 😕
  22. i was thinking that with the heart but the downvote takes "something away" (green "score") as a dislike button hopefully doesn't
  23. I like how it is now but maybe a "dislike" button? I say this only bcuz a dislike can be an option to the harsh downvote. downvotes can be a good way to start convos but if some1 want to just say no and downvotes a dislike can be an alternative, maybe
  24. weak!! from the last pk Habs just awful!!! 😕
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