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  1. Sry if that came across as a 1v1 trade, I would imagine WIN would want something else with Drouin but I also think it would be less then what they would want with Drouin for Laine. I just don't know what MB would have to give up in that trade or even if it would take a 3rd team to make it happen
  2. how about a trade where we send Drouin for Connor? What would that look like?
  3. ur lulz reminded me of : MARIO? As-tu mange ta soupe Chunky?
  4. Ima not sure about that H29R :/ I've turned my outlook on MB a bit, maybe bcuz like you I feel he Bad at his job; yet, I see MB more as a HR recruiter now. Not CEO of the Team on the ice. In that sense he might be able to "save" his job (and face) a couple years longer. HR recruiter bcuz this way we can always say: "the kids are not ready."
  5. its a pay check for now and gives MB a little more time to trade/put in value and who knows if he shows up to take away a job like he did 2years ago, i like Hudon, good on him
  6. i been asking that for YearS!!! and every time he switches team my soul dies a bit more :_(
  7. I would Love if Markov can hit 1001 NHL games played as a Hab and then have him as an Assistant Coach in the system be it in Laval or on the Team. He would be like having BigBird Larry teaching the kids.
  8. true that! Westbrook so powerful to the hole that if that 3line is air tight against Houston, they are still gonna get points up on the drive. Something I think Rockets were lacking last year. Now is Harden and Westbrook gonna be okay with less touches a game? I guess we gonna see how much of a "panaceas" winning is. well,if they do that is
  9. I have a feeling that Westbrook and Harden will run floors all over the league but one of the 2 wont be there in Houston next year. There are only so many touches they can each have in 48min of play but if they can figure it out, that inside outside threat will hurt!!!
  10. I have stated many times I feel Drouin a fake on the ice. if he put up 60 last year (Drouin), if he had a bit more of the "attitude" MB say all the time he might have put up 80 maybe 90 and then i would STFU but he (Drouin) ain't got the the "attitude" and if you want me to prove it .... see Domi he got the "attitude" he about the same age right? So yeah i will propose trade for Drouin well until he or gets the "attitute" or gets traded or i guess retires edit: i hope he find the "attitude" he nice on the left of Domi when he on his game tho
  11. and a NHLPA is a must bcuz the kindness (see loyalty) of the owners/league was sooooo intense and great that the players (over the last 100+ years of the league) wanted to give back the cotton candy the players received. plz Don don't do that, plz. I might speak awful and look stupid but that is just the swag bud.
  12. Laine got a bad man shoot and it would look great on the Team but I feel Connor brings more sand paper to the ice with his game but Ima not super Jets watching more then 5-7 games a year or anything like that so idk really why, lollll
  13. Honestly, I was not proposing Drouin bcuz I dislike his play but rather more bcuz of the value of his play. I think Drouin would be a player that Jets would most def want back and I ain't giving up Domi so Drouin, sry Don edit: but you are right in some sense I'll give you that and yup I think Connor would be a better player then Drouin, is true too
  14. I would rather MB swing a deal for Connor over Laine. WIN: Drouin, Juulsen and pick? MTL: Connor or is that too much?
  15. what about all the players that got no contract and med bills? or players that have injuries that "come back" after playing days? CTE? Addiction? I think injuries are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of how pro teams/leagues "forget"; see no loyalty, towards the athletes. let the kids get paid, yeah Ima All for that, well if they at that "level", sure.
  16. off topic... can we get a "lost the day" for this fury of down votes?
  17. why wouldn't the kids want get paid? some of these kids are better then the old heads. the career of a pro athlete is short, no? Teams have very little loyalty towards injured players. seems like good reasons to get paid, no? helps live rich too
  18. And 7 days is long enough for a person with dough like that but I think Dundon kinda man that keep his cheddar in boxes, he give me the impression money in 1 box stay in that shoe box. But idk maybe you and errbobby else right and this is just a stall/piss off ploy. I hope man broke like me, lollll EDIT: lollll some1 downvoted me and doesn't know if i have dough, hahahahaahahaaha Ima part of the down voted folks hahahaahaahaaha
  19. Ima still not sold yet, idk why; I think the bonus is a conundrum. I know billionaire owners poop 11mil in mornings but still idk
  20. why is this signing making me think of the Knicks? ... right!!! BOOOOOGIE!!
  21. so? it's done for Aho? All I see is CAR will match but have they signed the paper? If they sure to, then why no confirmation fe real, fe real? mmmm ima not sold yet, why? idk (edit) that bonus to be paid in 10days, maybe? but seems off to me, stillz! btw wots the interest rates on such a loan?
  22. YOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Now then MB would have 2 Paires!!!! Fe Real!!!!! Imagine the message other GM would get from that POWER move!!!! shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii**************************!!!! get the 1st backfor the draft next year, whaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!
  23. good he got "cute"I want MB going out of box. He is a much better GM when he does IMHO. Waddell is tring to buy time so he can get something to offer Aho or build a back door for future trades with other GM, well if he is smart a bit. Didn't Quinn loose his mind with Penner and became the lucifer of a future EDM trades untill he left the league? MB can still call Waddell and make a trade for Aho no? I think MB should call Waddell and offer a trade to him. Make Wadddell a counter to the sheet where he can a roster player maybe instead of only getting picks. What about that? I was the one asking for MB to take a collections/customer service 101 a while back to bring up his GM game
  24. ima happy for Nazim, I like him and now he is out of TO, I like him in public
  25. they have 7days, anywhere in there it can happen but they gonna take full 7 most likly i think
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