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  1. Just came across this and thought you guys would get a kick. can't make this shit up
  2. Thomas and Vince Dunn is a deal I would seriously consider.....if you can get a pick included then all the power to MB but I just don't think that many teams will move that many futures for one guy. Especially a streaky winger who Dreger just classified as a "good support player". and given that everyone in the world knows that MB is looking for a center.....might be a bit harder to come by
  3. There are some center prospects around the league such as Thomas is St. Louis, and Lias Andersen in New York. That would be ideal for our retooling. These are the types of players MB should be looking at. And both St. Louis and NYR are probably looking to add at the deadline. Dangle a little Pacioretty and see what you can get. At this point we all know that Patches is worth more in a trade than in the lineup. Find the best deal possible and get it done. He will never be worth more than right now before the deadline.
  4. We need to sell sell sell. Ensure we can get as close to the bottom as possible. pacioretty, plekanec, Byron for a center please.
  5. Well boys looks like we have a tight game here. Thats not not a good thing against this team
  6. Oh wow the goat is in town. Time to roll out the red carpet.
  7. Hudon has been great the last few games, really turning it on. I dont think he likes getting pushed down the lineup.....thats good to see
  8. I am glad that I didn’t waste my money on the Center ice package this season. I can’t even watch the highlights from the habs games.
  9. I’m calling it. Habs pick up Eric Fehr from waivers.
  10. I can’t watch this team anymore. I’m done until something big happens. It has gotten so far past one player like Galchenyuk or Patches scoring. It’s done. It’s almost too late to fire Bergevin. Should have been fired the minute he came to Molson with the Subban deal. Bergevin: Hey boss I’m thinking of trading Subban for Weber straight up. Molson: you’re fired!! thats exactly how it should have went.
  11. I really don’t know what to say. Yes Scoring is a problem. But defence is awful to watch. When Weber- mete is off the ice it’s just so awful
  12. Just so we all know. The pick Chicago used to get debrincat came from the habs. Thank you Andrew Shaw.
  13. Or just go all in on the tank and get high picks for the draft. Use that cap space to take on other teams bad contracts + first round picks and prospects. Make a couple of savvy trades to fill some holes. MAYBE GET ACTUAL CENTERS and not wingers who moonlight as centers. And hope for Carey to light it up next year. Or Just blow it up and go all in for John Tavares. so many options.
  14. I think the team is struggling to find its rhythm. Too many new blue liners, and a new coach. It kind of reminds me of the senators last season. It took about a month to get everyone on the same page. I guess the silver lining here is that MB has 8mil and a bunch of picks in next years draft to deal to improve this team. And now he has an opportunity to really see what the team needs. Glass half full?
  15. Ya I think it’s safe to say that replacing Mete with Benn is a bad idea
  16. Wow it is surreal to see a game day thread.
  17. I have to agree that if NH is as solid as most here believe than it makes a lot of sense for a deal like this to happen. It might even be possible for MB to have plekanec included in the deal as his money will come off the books before MCdavids and Drisailtes new contract would even kick in. Obviously there would be more pieces to this deal but if I were MB I would try to make it happen.
  18. I have a feeling that Galchenyuk is still going to be moved. Probably for a dman to play with Weber.
  19. I heard the guys on TSN 690 discussing this the other day. I'm not sure if it was a rumour or just them shooting the shit about possibilities. Either way im not even sure The Nuge would be that much of an upgrade over Drouin or Galchenyuk. His face off numbers are terrible. But admittedly I really have no idea how his defensive play is.
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