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  1. That defence is not very good and the system the defence is playing is not designed for this makeup. We need a big win tonight and a win against the wings on Saturday then at least the bleeding can stop.
  2. Wow that was a terrible interview from brook little bit of nerves for sure
  3. This smells like a deal is in the works
  4. Given what Bergevin said about keeping his options open for the future I think that a short bonus laden contract to Perry could really work for the plans. If it’s a one or even two year deal for cheap it may work. Could be the Eric Staal of this years FA class.
  5. I think that if we were to move the 15th overall, we should be using it to acquire Ghost out of Philly. I think that picking twice within minutes of eachother would be too temping for Philly to pass up.. plus we could also add Shaw to free up cap space to sign a FA.
  6. Although I haven't seen him play in person, i would think based on all that I have heard about him he could be a quality secondary scorer with first line potential. 20ish goals 50ish points really just a guess tho
  7. This is the best game I’ve ever seen mete play
  8. After watching the press conference. I like Shea as a person a lot more now.
  9. Is it possible for Kotkaniemi to play in the AHL this year. He is 18 isn't he? or does he have to be 19 to play in Laval? I think that he would really benefit from playing on North American Ice but he isn't ready for NHL.
  10. I just took a look at the invitees to the main camp? That has to be the worse lineup in the national hockey league. We are going to be awful this year. And I’m kind of Okay with that. We need to get another 1st rounder this year somehow. How can we make this happen?
  11. I think this is a good deal for the habs. I would have preferred Glass not Suzuki but that would have been a stretch.
  12. Wow it’s gonna be a long season. It hasn’t even started yet and we are at each others throats. Maybe things will will go better than we think?
  13. This is actually depressing. We are going to be awful. I will still watch of course. But it’s gonna hurt.
  14. Skinner was just moved to the Sabers for Pu and a number 2. ..... maybe this this is what was needed for patches to go, no other options
  15. At this point I don’t think that should be a necessity. Get the best return for the future of the club. If if that doesn’t include a roster player so be it.
  16. I think more realistic would be some combination that included both of buqstad and Borgstrom. While we would send patches/prospects/picks. Maybe Shaw? If Talon still likes him? I hat no idea how highly Borgstrom is thought of but I would insist on his inclusion in the trade.
  17. Isn’t Whalstrom listed as a rw/c? Why is no one taking about him being a great center and scorer
  18. There were many times In the last few seasons that Galchenyuk looked totally disconnected from the team on the ice. More often than not I would say. I have no problem with him being traded. Would have been nice to get an extra pick tho.
  19. I really don’t know what to make of this deal. I saw it last night before bed. But was so high I forgot about it until just now. I think that that both of these players will benefit from the change. But why? What is the real difference between these two? It must really be about attitude, because they will get the same amount of points. I actually think that Domi is a smarter hockey player. While Galchenyuk is probably more skilled. In the end it would have been nice to get something extra like another second rounder. That being said, I can’t wait for Domi to scrap Rob Ray again....oh wait
  20. They both deserve it. Good for them. I always liked Lars, he is a quality 3rd line Center man.
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