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  1. I was happy to read it, but it's more like who among those 3 are the best prospects...but it doesnt mean Avtsin is top among russian prospects from what i read in the article.(english not my 1st language)
  2. First off, i agree with you that people are too rough on Price, especially at his age, if he has 26-27 years old it would be an other story but he just turned 23 a few days ago. Nevertheless, i'm wondering whats that deal all about? Did cedrick felt unwanted in CH plans and wanted to show what he was able to do(request a trade?) I see Ramo and Desjardins pretty much equal...yes ramo has some NHL experience but he wasnt hot at all in his NHL days with tampa...even if it was with a mediocre defense team. Stats wise i dont think RAMO and desjardins are equals. Desjardins has excelled in every level he played. He wasnt drafted which explains partly why he had to build his way to the AHL with excellent performance. From junior to AHL he was always with winning teams or nearly. I was thinking do you guys believe this transaction is because of contract number issues, down the salary cap from Hamilton since ramo doesnt cost anything since he's at KHL?
  3. I somehow didnt see that going, i tough he was in the backoffice for last year. Anyhow...everyone besides Carbonneau has a job it seems.
  4. http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/303815.html Seems like the CH and their staff are going in different directions...
  5. Well when players were still praising Scott Livingston during the year where Goldenberg was here...you tend to wonder what impact he's done....enough to be fired. I dont think it's a financial consideration as they will surely name a replacement
  6. Alexandre Giroux players...to a greater extend the ones who are in bests in AHL yet dont qualify for NHL. Hopefully Desharnais wont be that kind of player... over 50 goals in AHL for Giroux. Hes 6'3'' and 195 lbs... OK he's 29 years old...but why montreal didnt bother to sign him? Oilers got him for 500k.. He never cracked up Washington lineup in last 2 years...i wonder why...really.
  7. Expectations depends from our limited knowledge and our capacity to project from there by including a fair porportion of risk. What we are sure of : Least 1 person of the CH will be hurt during next year...might be Markov during 1 month. 1 of the 30 teams will win the stanley cup The CH can build experience upon playing 3 rounds in their series for first time in ages... What are the strong assumptions we can say: PK Subban, Pyatt, Pacioretty, Eller have the potential to make the CH Club next year. Carey Price will have to take his sharehold of victories because Auld, Sandford and Desjardins arent exactly depth goaltending High risk but good reward: Pouliot, AK47 will need to increase their offensive contribution next year. I expect them to battle for the 8th spot once again this year because of all the uncertainity of injuries, keys roles not yet filled, etc. I'm eager to see the final line up of the club next year and then it will be easy to say what will happends.
  8. Now if Maxim Trunev would come over that would be even sweeter.
  9. Posted in french section... http://twitter.com/Richardlabbe/status/15464165188 That would be so sweet...
  10. Ça serait la meilleure nouvelle de la saison morte...
  11. I wonder who has a chance to make their debut with CH this year? Who are AHL and who are CH candidates? Highest chances? Pacioretty, if he was good enough last year, i bet he can forge a place against in the club. He actually didnt do too bad at end of season in AHL with the club. Boucher stated that the regained his confidence. Trotter, 35 goals...havent seen a CH prospect score that many goals in the AHL in a while... Desharnais? two very decent seasons in a row...but is there room for him? Maxwell This guy didnt look ready at all in any NHL game i saw him playing. Eller, Rumors that he has a decent chance of making it, he might not start but eventually joins the club during the year? Avstin Most Likely an AHL candidate. Kristo Most likely going to United States again or AHL at the best.
  12. Je me demandais...qu'est-ce qui avait causé le départ d'Yvon Pedneault à la barre de RDS avec Pierre Houde. C'est une vieille histoire maintenant plus de deux ans...mais en discutant du travail de Benoit à RDS avec des amis...on se rappelait plus personne ce qui avait causé le départ d'Yvon. Merci pour l'info si jamais quelqu'un en sait davantage.
  13. Aye but Koivu has reached his peak and is career will just go downhill as Vinny still has many many more years in his peak to go in his carreer...so the average that looks comparable atm will just get bigger and bigger with years to come in my mind.
  14. Even if comparing doesnt always bring any valid point in the progression of Price we may want to take a look at Marc-André Fleury dedigree. While i think Fleury ethic of work seems above Price, the performance they have put in their first years arent the same because they didnt have the same kind of team in front of them but they can be comparable. While Fleury was drafted first pick in 2003 if im not mistaken, Price was drafted in the 2005 draft. It wasnt always easy for Fleury at Pittsburgh, he was sent back down several times and until last year his performance werent the best really. He has now reached a new plateau this year and has been way more solid this season. He sure did a few health problems but so they Price...Look at how shines Fleury now... Problem in Montreal is we tend to give way too one word : have patience with the young breed goalies... I dont think we can make career assumptions until they reach 24-26 years old. Problem with the habs fan is they always compare our players with the best young goalies out there who have made marvelous shutdowns but they almost never look at the big picture. As for Melanson, i do agree with other posters who have been saying he made almost all CH goalies play 1-2 notches above their potential in the past. Yesterday while watching l'antichambre at RDS i saw some of his comments on a RBC radio proclaming he was gently pushed aside from the training.... I really wonder why a goaler trainer is taking too much place? Is it because he felt at the short terme that Halak was more ready than Price....Bob definitely not agreeing...we do not know. Based on his comments to halifax radio show i really wonder what he was thinking...lynching himself out of montreal or expressing himself because he definitely knew he wouldnt get a contract for next year? Seriously this season has been so awful outside and on ice...i really have no idea what to think about CH short terme future...and Melanson is included in the big evaluation Gainey and his team will have to do.
  15. whats your level of enthousiam? 10 on 10!!! Whats you level of optimism for the habs to come out of this series with a Win? ummm 6 on 10 on the fact Markov wont be there.
  16. How many faceoffs does he win in the offensive on PP....i personally think his % which isnt bad overall hides the fact that he so often loose the important ones...and wins the one with the least importance. he so rarely wins battles against the boards.....if he doesnt get the puck from faceoff he never gets it back.... I cant stand the fact that he'll be longest captain in CH story past Beliveau.
  17. I dont care but i cant see Koivu anymore....he never ever wins 1 on 1, faceoff are a weakness... Vinny, Hossa, Franzen, Morris, Komi...
  18. umm Bob Hartley, Normand Flynn, Some quebec junior hockey league coaches, ...Dany Dubé lol
  19. If he leaves, personally i would give the Gm job to Trevor Timmins
  20. Don Lever, Hartley or Roy are my guess. in that order.
  21. Bye bye to: ------Total of 4,375 m freed up which will compensate for the increase partly of the RFA salaries -Bouillon ( frees up 1.875 m) -Brisebous ( frees up 0.75 m) -Dandenault ( frees up 1.75 m) the maybes...(depends on how much he asks) Centers ( in my mind we should either pick Lang Or Saku in the following season ...but i'm not confident we find a UFA centerman for next season....) -Koivu -Lang Wingers (( In my mind it's either gonna be Kovy or Tanguay for next season...one of them will surely go...hopefully not both) -Kovalev 4.500 m (actual salary- because of many events i doubt Kovy will resign here) -Tanguay 5.375 m (Would Tanguay sign for a bit less for a multi year deal contract with the CH?--hes more a 4m player to me) Defensemen -Schneider 5.750 m ( at that salary the CH cannot keep him...would only sign him for a 1yr deal if he gets a huge salary cut down to 3m) Sign them for sure -Komisarek (as long as possible) -Kostopolous ( i wouldnt mind an other 2 yr deal) Offer a contract to all RFA: -D'Agostini (roughly increase +0.8m a year as a first full pro contract = 1.2m for a 2 yrs) -Higgins & Plekanec ( i think Higgins and Pleks if they arent traded will get a small raise ass well in mid 2.5m per year contract) -Latendresse ( i think bob will sign latendresse for 2m a year multi deal - similar to the 1.9 2 yr deal he did with Higgins a few years back)
  22. I think Bob Gainey's move were fine overall. Yes we do have weaknesses but i didnt see in the players available any supreme player out there who could be dealt to montreal that was doable. I may get thrown rocks there...but i prefered his Deal for Schneider than Derek Morris or Montador trade. I like the fact that Tanguay, Latendresse will be back shortly. I like the fact that we didnt deal our 1st round pick of 2009 and young players for a midtone players as we dont have that many pick that year and it seems theres very good prospects in 2009.
  23. I've gotta agree with Kozed there. He should be kept on the roster for a few moree years for sure and then we can truely evaluate his potential...just look how he improved from his first 2 years...it's been a constant improvement and i'm almost 100% sure this player hasnt reach his peak at all. The experience he gained from NHL experience was certainly made him a more consistent player which all player moving from junior to NHL desesperately try to achieve in their first year... In my mind there's other trading cards in Gainey's pocket that are more worthwhile to part with for now. Especially in the D defense prospect we have...some may be all good players in the future yet we wont be able to sign them all. Problem is dealing with the cap space...we need to let big $ salary go...Latendresse isnt one of them. So i guess we'll rent some of our UFA players if we suceed in making the "big trade" everyone talks about... Some rumors talk about Lecavalier, Brad Richards.... I can see Lecavalier theorically happening, yet i dont see how Montreal will convincre the Lightning to part with without Montreal shredding a good part of the prospects we gathered over there years + draft picks.
  24. i think Bégin acts like a great catalyser to improve his teamates performance. Hopefully Sergei follows Bégin in his path. Who will be sent back down when Tanguay is back? i wonder really.
  25. I wish him the best really, because whether it's a trade which i doubt will happend...if he's solid this time...it will certainly helps the habs in the end run as other injuries will surely happend on our defensive squad. I do agree with other posters...hes 24 BUT he hasnt played in AHL and NHL that long. All defenseman take longer time to develop especially when they are tall and big. OByrne wasnt a 1st round pick like Komi( i'm not comparing the two but...Komisarek took a good full 3 years in the NHL to develop into the defense he is now...they have totally different potential but he might need more time to reach his potential...a 4th defenseman)
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