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  1. according to Habs twitter: Canadiens assigned forward Michael McCarron to the AHL IceCaps, and recalled John Scott from St. John's tonight. IT'S ABOUT TIME
  2. sounds Fucale' like in terms of goaltending.....
  3. I hate to admit it but nobody wants to admit it clearly, dear MTL hockey gods, please forgive me for explaining this. so theres this dildo that all the players choked on after Price went down. We lost a really good guy in Weise at the deadline, and got bent over and buttfacked by some force with DD/Gilbert/Eller not going at the deadline #thatswhathappened
  4. I cant stand this team. Blown out by a divisional rival but beat the Ducks? can you say NHL likes wager action for sportsbooks?
  5. Good , get rid of Pacioretty, keep the real captain and sign SS.
  6. Yes lets keep recyclng Habs coaches. How about MT stays and the team gets their F*cking shit together.
  7. John Scott still waiting for that call...how many more games until they're mathematically removed?
  8. 2 are definite bums (Hudon verdict still not out)
  9. I have a feeling Morrissey will get his first NHL point(s) tonight. Habs are notorious for handing goalies 1st career wins and 1st ever nhl points
  10. I can't tell if you are actually cheering for the Canadiens or showing resentment? Go Jets Go!
  11. I would have rather brought Mike Komisarek back over Brown.
  12. why would MB claim a fighter when we have John Scott? wtf. this makes 0 sense.
  13. Larry Eller must come first? Smith-Pelly can help teams that lack a gritty depth bottom 6 guy that are chasing but don't want to break the bank at the deadline
  14. John Scott should have filled Smith Pelly's place tonight especially if MB is going to move him at the deadline, can't afford to have more of these dime a dozen players get injured (Gilbert/DD)! When I look at Smith Pelly tonight, I'm going to envision one big draft pick with a blank face and a question mark skating around, I don't care if its for a 6th rounder. On a side note, Leafs will probably hand this one to us on a silver platter.
  15. My trade deadline wish list: Beaulieu for Yakupov+pick Eller in a cap swap, hopefully for a D-man to replace Emelin (don't care what team)...or possibly Drouin Flash for picks (Florida) Weise to the Sharks or Ducks, Sami Vatanen was on the block but I doubt it now with the Ducks surging so sharks more likely Pateryn for picks Pleks stays
  16. Kovalchuk can't come back unless every single team gives him the green light to return, and as mentioned above, Devils have his rights.
  17. I agree with everything stated. Contract makes sense in a cap era.
  18. https://twitter.com/search?q=canadiens+montreal&ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^search I don't like to make social media posts a HW topic, but REALLY? How is this even permitted? If you scroll down you'll soon realize what i'm talking about! Hope this social media poster gets fired asap!
  19. 3 Years 3.5 total. what does everyone think?
  20. AV already had a stint with the Habs. The organization must stop going into the recycling bin for coaches. If it didn't work at their first kick of the can, why would it work their second time around? Bringing MT back is enough of a reminder!
  21. Funny how you state Bickell had 0 goals, but forgot to mention the 5 assists (which are just as valuable as goals). His Stats are more impressive than Pacioretty's post-season #'s given the circumstances of his role during those cup runs. Bickell: 32 pts over 60 games played l3 playoffs. Pacioretty: 18 pts in 32 games played l3 playoffs. Your mind has been tricked that post-season performers don't exist because of our teams lack of success in the post-season, but they most definitely do exist! Based on the amount of replies you got; it's pretty safe to say a majority of the forum agrees that Jonathan Quick is worthy of that echelon. PS: .911 save % but also won every single facing elimination game, that's an intangible that stats don't account for.
  22. :wall: these guys clearly don't understand what 'tanking' means. this is a point away from Austin Mathews
  23. These are all numbers, please don't be one of those statistics don't lie people? If you are a numbers guy, you can't justify Rinne's post-season struggles. Name the last time a goalie from Fin origin beyond Niemi (who had a stellar team in front of him) that won the Stanley Cup? What I am implying here...stats can be misleading and can lead people to be very results oriented. EX: look at Justin Williams: rises to the occasion every single post-season. Brian Bickell, same deal. On paper, you might think these guys are middle of the pack at best, but the 2nd season proves to be a whole new one. Jonathan Quick is the goaltender version of these players, he not only can contribute in regular season but also when it's all on the line, thus making him a top 5 (if not 3) goalie in the NHL.
  24. Where have you been? he's the juggle master as HC
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