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  1. It is interesting. I find it depends a bit on your perspective. I always find a game goes by way to fast when I am there to see it live. Watching on television - it always seems longer.
  2. I won't be surprised if Montreal picks Raphael Lavoie of the Halifax Mooseheads.
  3. I meant their own pick. And Jorda Weale can be replaced by any of the 200 4th liners we have.
  4. Jonathan Drouin, Jordan Weale and 2nd round pick to Colorado. In return 2019 first round pick, Shane Bowers and either Samuel Girard (skill) or Ryan Graves (size).
  5. and then there is Pittsburgh. Surprised no one is talking about it, even if it is the least likely route. If the Habs win both games, it doesn't matter how, and the Pens lose both games in regulation - the Habs are in.
  6. The 'Code' is the NHL's version of bullying, and it is allowed to exist. Very strange concept when you think about it in 2019. Then again, the NHL is all about 'Old School' politics. Don't celebrate too much, don't check a big player if you are a small one, don't do this and don't do that. A lot of BS if you ask me. Some on here (and other places) are calling Byron dumb for fighting, yet despite what Weegar says - he left Byron little choice. Truth is it happens all the time in the NHL, and I bet at least half the posters on this board would say something like - "the NHL is a man's league, Byron needs to man up". Weegar should be getting a 'severe' instigator suspension if the league were really serious about putting an end to this kind of thing. And Weegar himself admitted to being the instigator by 'asking' Byron to fight.
  7. the thing that made the biggest impression on me from that play is how fast Weber got back on the play. He fell and was completely out of position, but was all the way back to break up the play in front of his own net. Didn't look old there at all. Looked like a player that lost an edge.....
  8. Destroy is a little overboard. But my point is, his management team have mismanaged so many players over the years and I don't want to see KK become another.
  9. He's a nasty guy who works as a waiter at Dunns Smoked Meat. Used to be an NHL GM or something but couldn't find a decent centre for years so they finally put him out to pasture. ...spellcheck strikes again.... I fixed it. Thanks
  10. OK I had two nights sleep and have calmed down - a bit. What frustrated me the most was depending on the players on the ice Saturday, we saw two VERY different teams. Yes, Crawford stood on his head but we had two lines that gave it everything they had - and two lines that floated. That may be simplifying things a little, but guys like Sahwa and Lehkonen gave it everything they had on Saturday - they just couldn't beat Crawford (or the post). If that pressure and intensity was kept up they would have eventually gotten one, or two... Problem was they would get the Blackhawks on the ropes, and then Drouin would step on the ice and make a stupid (lazy) play and that was it. And Drouin wasn't the only one. But he was the worst. What was Kulak doing on the PP in the third period? And the fourth line was one of our strengths early this season - WHEN WE WERE WINNING - then we made changes and now it is a real problem. And why is Julien disciplining players when we are in a dog fight for a win, for a playoff spot? Byron on the fourth line? KK on the bench? That is BAD COACHING. Especially in the third period, with the game, and the season on the line. Finally, how many young players have we watched the Bergevin era destroy? Galchenyuk anyone? And now he is trying to do the same thing to KK. Wow!
  11. Thompson and Weale were also terrible. And I mean terrible. Bring back Hudon and Peca. Sorry, I'm frustrated as hell. Habs deserved a better outcome. Problem is there are too many floaters. As good as the Habs were at time tonight, they were terrible at other times. Drouin really stood out for bad play tonight. Shaw and Lehkonen just had bad luck as they both worked hard. KK got hurt. Danault looked good. Domi and Gallagher were, well Domi and Gallagher.
  12. Crawford was amazing. Drouin is TERRIBLE!!!
  13. Fell ackwardly in the second period and never came back. Not that Bob Cole noticed.
  14. I notice that nobody mentioned Alexandre Daigle's 51 points as an 18-year-old rookie..... Yeah, let's not go there....
  15. Was a great backcheck by Petry. Couldn't believe he got all the way back, and turned around to face both players. Didn't know he had it in him,
  16. First, I'll be honest - Montreal has retired a lot of jerseys, some say too many. But it is the all-star break - so let's look at all time all-stars. As the title says, if you could retire ONE more Habs number - whose would you choose? Andrei Markov and Saku Koivu are two names that immediately jump out at me. (I know they didn't win cups, but...) Or how about Steve Shutt or Jacques Lemaire (the player...)? Georges Vezina's jersey was never retired?
  17. After last night, does anyone want a Petry?
  18. He and Tampa we at odds for most of his time with the team. it is pretty well documented.
  19. Byron has had better seasons. Wouldn't you agree? And no one was saying he was the 'next superstar' or signing him to a 5.5 million dollar contract. Proven anything - I guess depends on your definition of 'proven'. How about he hadn't proven anything to warrant the hype when he arrived in Montreal, or the players given to Tampa, or the contract he was given.
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