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  1. Congratz to Kovy! But the only reason he did so well is because nobody pressures you in the all star game. Kovy would be a superstar if this is how the opponents D played him because he is at his best when people give him time and space.
  2. They said they wouldn't catch Ottawa last year. Their is lots of games left to catch the Bruins.
  3. Man Lapierre is playing below his expectations...
  4. I really think we should keep Plex. When Koivu moves on, we don't have much left at centre. So Unless it is for a centre I'd say he's untouchable
  5. It was a comment some user (sarcastically) made on his blog. Steven Fletcher is an old hockey player. He was a fighter but only played one game for the Habs in 1987.
  6. How far away is Koivu from game-action?
  7. I think it's safe to say Komi has that locked up.
  8. Who would have thought the an almost half AHL team could own such a kick ass record! 9-1-1 in last 11, is that right? Keep it rollin'
  9. Gorges, Price, Lang. In no order. Price for played very well, Gorges for holding the fort when Komi was out, and Lang for his 16 goals!
  10. You guys are rude to BGL. Not so much Sbhatt because he gave an opinion, but KO4L3V, give him a chance. He's played hurt since training camp. The coaching staff wants him 100%. And I know 260 is much, but the good fighters aren't 210.
  11. I hate the instigater. Lucic would have been killed by BGL if not for that shit rule.
  12. It;s not there. You have a link to the old version of canadiens.com. Most of his fights are heat of the monent, and what is your source that May cut up his hands?
  13. I wonder if Richard and Rosseau did it in one period? Maybe he is the first NHLer ever to do it in one period??
  14. Don't get mad at Kosto for fighting, at least he has the balls to show up. And how is BGL a waste of money, when he is in the games are clean. And he will get his crack at May and those other bums.
  15. That Deveaux for the Laffs, is such a pansy. He wouldn't fight Godard. instead he went after Fedatanko, and hardly beat him.
  16. I remember argueing with someone on here about this a while back. I said the players should keep their straps tighter because someone will get hurt, and they argued that nobody has gotten hurt from not having a helmet on. Well, there's a first for everything... BTW, anyone remember Flinn vs Vandermeer?
  17. Tonight I'll get to see Kristo and McDonagh and I'm looking forward to it
  18. PK has done great with Team Canada. He is probably one of if not the leaders in +/-. Can anyone find stats on the world juniors? I've searched and only found G, A, P.
  19. At last, we beat a "bad" team. Hope they bring the same mindset into TBay
  20. Didn't get the chance to watch the game, but it sounds liek we played pretty good.
  21. All the best to Mr. Beliveau who is in the hospital right now
  22. It's been a while.... No Chips tonight
  23. If it were up to me I'd pick Koivu, Tanguay, Kovy, Komi, Marky, and Price. But realistically, it should be Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Chara, Marky, Thomas/Price/Lundquist. I love the idea of Koivu wearing the "C"
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