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  1. This was another game that was painful to watch. Dallas just put us to sleep, they always controlled the puck and we made enough costly mistakes to hand it to them. It seems like last year's Habs, or at least the team playing at the end of the season, always had a chance to come back when it was down after two periods. I remember it always being 3-2 at the start of the third, and we'd either win it 4-3 or lose 5-2 or something. This year we don't seem to have that fight, at least not yet. I hope this team gels and starts playing inspired hockey like it did at the end of last season, except this time before it's too late!
  2. When does the Christmas trade break end? Not that it really matters, but so we can speculate again.
  3. Yeah, that was indefensible. And it cause HNIC to focus the camera in on him whenever they could between whistles.
  4. ######ing Mike Ribeiro. I can't believe that guy has 18 goals and 36 points. We'll all see which Canadiens team comes out tonight, the flat doophuses who managed to beat Washington, or the energetic players who lost to Atlanta.
  5. Well it seems to be conclusively proven that Huet SUCKS in shootouts, but tonight he really had no chance against Atlanta's shooters. What's even worse is that our shooters are terrible, I can't see how Koivu will avoid getting pokechecked every single time because everyone knows his two moves (and he seems stuck on one nowadays). But in this game, we were robbed. The reffing really pissed me off, if you're going to make all those weak calls for Atlanta then do it both ways. Our PK was pretty good, but if we weren't shorthanded so often I think we would have pulled it out before the shootout. As for the players, Koivu needs to play like a 2nd line centre even, he is completely useless out there. All year we've been blaming Ryder for his drop in production, but seriously Koivu is sucking hard. He just fiddles around and falls down and then takes a penalty. He never wins battles. S. Kostitsyn was the best player on that line. And Higgins was awful too, he always tries to do too much. Most of the time he loses the puck on a pokecheck because he tries to deke around three players. He can't deke, that isn't his game. He always tries to take it all the way to the net when S Kostitsyn is in good position, he's playing selfishly. And when he lost the puck on the powerplay in the third... he just stood there and tried to pull a Kovalev move and then coughed it up. Pathetic. Someone needs to talk to him to remind him what his game is.
  6. Man do I want to root for a player of Ovechkin's caliber.
  7. We shouldn't and we won't extend Kovy. There are too many young players we'll want to keep around, and other free agents we want to bring in.
  8. It's nice to get a win when you play like shit. Especially a 5-2 win, how the hell did that happen? We just fumbled around and sometimes we fumbled the puck into the net. Our defensive zone coverage was terrible, we were always just bunched around the middle and not challenging the puck.
  9. Awww, no blockbuster trade that makes us an instant contender before the Christmas break.
  10. Hey that's a pretty good record, I think it's safe to blame our losses on Spidey.
  11. Next year will probably be a year with more expectations. All of our key players are still under contract for next season, and we may be able to add an offensive UFA.
  12. Yeah, the second round was the best it's ever been for me.
  13. With 20/20 hindsight, Milan Lucic was picked by the Bruins right after we chose Maxwell. Lucic seems like exactly the type of guy that we need, a skilled enforcer... Ah well, we'll be watching him beat up our guys/our guys skate away from him for the next several years.
  14. Seriously, what a waste of two and a half hours. It was pure shit. Most people here are being reasonable about Price. He's still learning, and you know that there will be bad puck-handling moves from a puck-handling goalie (hell, Huet's not a puck-handler and we've seen some costly mistakes from him). The vast majority of the time he makes a good play, he just needs to hold back sometimes.
  15. I'm pleased with what I've seen so far, but come on people, it's been two games. He's got lots of potential, but I don't expect him to be great for the rest of the season. He'll probably get sent down in a few weeks. Sorry to be a buzzkill. I hope he proves me wrong.
  16. Ryder is a two-time 30 goal-scorer, we weren't just going to put him on the shelf for the rest of the season. Yes, we do want to increase his trade value, but he played one of his best games on Saturday and he deserves to play tonight. I doubt Gainey is micromanaging Carbo's decisions, and anyway Carbo's smart enough to understand the situation with Ryder.
  17. We still have his rights should he decide to come back. He was disappointing last season, but I don't know if he's gotten a fair shot yet. I don't think we need him now, with all the young players we have.
  18. It would be nice to get them for that price, but I'm not too confident. I hope we don't end up paying them 5 million each.
  19. You never know, people put a lot of value in veteran players. Hell, a fourth rounder is better than nothing, if he's not playing at all.
  20. Great game, most of the goals were fluky but we deserved them seeing as we were in their end like two thirds of the time. Every line played strongly, and for once... WE HAD TWO OFFENSIVE LINES!!! Two lines that were consistently creating chances, and Koivu was the player that we gave a big contract and the C to. Hell, even Ryder was good, he was doing lots of things right. He should have had a goal on that chance early in the first, he just managed to hit the goalie instead of the wide open net. The only player that I noticed was a little weak was Chipchura, but he was still pretty steady. I wonder if they'll be able to fit Latendresse into the line up on Tuesday, who would sit out? And Gorges is DEFINITELY playing better than Brisebois.
  21. Before the season started I thought it would be his breakout year. At the end of last season he was lighting it up, making brilliant plays. I thought a line of Plex, Kost, and Higgins might be a possibility, and that it could be very dangerous. But he was pretty weak out of the gate, it looks like he's coming back to form now. It helps that his linemates have been solid the whole start of the season.
  22. Maybe if someone's taken his spot for good once he recovers he'll waive his no-trade clause and we can get something, anything for him.
  23. Get out the kneepads and line up, it's fellate Bob Gainey day! Seriously now, Bob Gainey's been good, better than average, but not run away great. I'd give him around 7 out of 10. We do have a solid core of youth, but there's not a real star among them. They're good, better than most teams probably, but they won't make the difference that will make us a contender. Bob hasn't done anything to really make us a contender. Then there are the bad moves. He recovered from Theodore very well, but we are still paying some of the money we gave Samsonov (indirectly). We lost Ribeiro, now the leading scorer on the Stars, for nothing. Beauchemin got snapped up on waivers. We seem to give players as much money as they could get. For some reason Smolinski is on our team. And cut it with the veterans 'nurturing' the youth, their presence is helpful but they're not lactating sows with rookies on their teat. But if you look at Bob's draft picks, they have been very solid. All the first rounders look like good moves, with the small exception courtesy of hindsight that Mike Richards, Ryan Getzlaf and Jeff Carter were picked after Kostitsyn (who is still a good player). Hamrlik is a good addition. All in all, I'm very glad that we have Bob at the helm, cause we're headed in the right direction. I would contest the claim that we've been rebuilding, we were supposed to be in the playoffs last year. Bob's just not made any rash moves that would be negative in the long term.
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