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  1. If Price gets the nod this weekend against the pathetic Laffs there is no better game for him to get back on the horse. They are inept on offense and 95% of their shots are perimeter softies that will just pad his stats and confidence. I agree with a couple of the earlier posters in that I get the sense Price is starting to believe some of his own media hype a little too much. Halak is barely 1yr older than Carey, not exactly a wealth of extra experience, and yet I get the sense watching each of them play that Halak wants to be there whereas Carey just figures he should be there. There is also a definite difference when Jaro gets scored on vs. when Carey gets scored on, the reaction from the crease to the bench is alltogether different for each guy. I don't wish any ill-will towards Carey, however he needs to spend some time riding the pine so he can focus on getting his game to a level where he is playing NHL-caliber hockey on a consistent basis, because right now Halak brings more effort and energy each start than Price does.
  2. After their famed practice squabble Koivu went on for another couple years of mediocrity, the team flatlined last year and Bob had to clearcut the room, and meanwhile Ribiero went on to be a star in Dallas ...
  3. It is rather amusing that this is being reported everywhere that "the Habs suspended SK" when it seems the details show he packed up his belongings tuesday night and is heading for the airport. That is like your employer firing you after you've handed in your resignation.
  4. If by standing in line with everyone else at 12:01pm July 1st and opening up his wallet more than anyone else would classifies him as being a genius I guess by all means crown the man. Cammalleri - good signing however $6M is only valid if he can produce 35G+ since his three full seasons he's avg'd 33G/yr. I guess you need to drop $6M these days on a 5'9" 180lb 30+ goal scorer so I can justify that as long as it continues. Gionta - at 5'7" 175lb someone will need to make space out there for him to be effective, and I hope his last two full seasons of 20G and 22G are not an indication of his future production for a $5M/yr man but we'll have to wait and see. Gomez - $7.5M for a guy that has averaged 19G and 68pts his last four seasons is part of the reason this is widely regarded as one of the worst contracts in hockey. I really want to believe Bob didn't get absolutely HOSED on this deal, I really do. His playoff numbers are much better at approx 1pt/game. Please prove us wrong Bob, because this is your sword to fall on now.
  5. The problem with comparing the Gomez contract to the Lecavalier contract is that you are comparing apples to oranges. Sure Vinny is a higher cap hit (~1M) but that is pretty close to what a dominant 1C/richard trophy winner is worth. I dont think Habs fans have a problem paying someone 7.5M to be a major impact player, but most are in agreement that the Gomez deal is at least 2M/yr higher than what he has shown he's worth. That is why people are pissed. Bob just took on arguably the worst contact in hockey (now that Guerin is done), and GAVE them Higgins and our top D pick on top! For Bob's sake Gomez better be an F'ing star or else he is gonna be gone. Not because I don't like/admire the man, but because it would be icing on a cow pie of bad asset management.
  6. EPIC FAIL. At least learn to troll effectively before taking your training wheels off son. Pro-tip: don't come into an established forum of posters and run your e-peen pretenting to know something about hockey. By the sounds of things you are the one with the man crush on Lucic since you mention his name every other line in your babbling, incoherant posts. Last time I checked Lucic hasn't fought much of anyone other than Komi, whereas the latter has a resume at least backing up that he isn't afraid to throw down when called upon. Congratulations, you are failing at life.
  7. That is why the Leafs signed Colton Orr for four years at half the salary of BGL. Komi isnt needed to drop the mitts he just needs to play his defensive game solidly and protect the net. He wasnt signed to score 40pts and never will be expected to.
  8. I have a hard time believing that Bob would've offered Komi anything under $4M/season, so I think the "took the money" argument is null and void. He is a young guy and signed for 5 years which is certainly not a lengthy term and not for crazy dough like people expected leading into free agency. Bob dropped the ball on this one as well as many others, but in particular with Komi. The folks around here defending his moves are running out of ammo I'm afraid, because there is no reason he should've been allowed to walk to a division rival for a 5yr deal under $5M/per season. Brian Burke is in his office laughing at this franchise right now no doubt.
  9. 100% YES. This is a business my friend, the sooner you realize this the better. The only difference is that on Bay Street they wear Prada whereas at 1260 De la Gauchetiere Ouest they wear Rbk.
  10. +1 Koivu has pride but he's also not stupid ... you're lucky to have a career as long as his has been in the NHL and towards the tail-end of it you need to ensure you are prepared financially for when it comes to an end. He isn't accepting huge offers because they aren't being presented, regardless of who is offering.
  11. I'm pretty sure Beauchemin signed for 3yrs/10million correct?
  12. Beauchemin also just signed with TOR. Glad we have no cap left thanks to 8hrs of firesale spending ...
  13. Are you serious or is that a joke?!? Making the playoffs was a complete joke and a direct result of every other team ahead of them taking a dump in the bed at the exact same time. They lost EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES including the playoffs to finish off the season my friend, missing the playoffs would've been a blessing to that team. Do yourself a favor and forget 2008-2009 ever happened.
  14. nobody on this team is going to be +21 when the season is over
  15. Look for the same style of hockey played in Detroit and alot of it. This team will punish teams that turn the puck over in the neutral zone with quick odd-man rushes being the result. With Martin's noted defensive style there should be more turnovers ahead of the blueline to facilitate this. As usual, the PP will be the bread and butter for this team, and I too predict that AKost will pot at least 30G.
  16. The fact remains that the cap hit for Gomez is roughly equivalent to that of Vinny, so I can't see this as a move to preceed something bigger in TB. Sure Gomez is instantly one of the best players on the team, but he comes at a hefty pricetag for someone who is 5'10" and mostly a perimeter passer. I guess if they are gonna keep him he'd be paired with the 2 snipers (kovy and AKost) for a pretty solid 1st line. In Bob we Trust? (getting kinda old imo)
  17. Kovalev is still a 1st liner on nearly every team in the NHL, Koivu and Lang most certainly are not.
  18. MTL fans seem pretty content, when all is said and done, to fall in line much like their TML counterparts 6hrs west down the 401 and accept this idea that "hey we're savings capspace ... we aren't doing anything and we're hemmoraging the only talent we do have, but hey we have capspace for later". Dalhabs isn't far offbase, sooner or later Bob needs to grow a set and make a move that will define his career as a GM. So far his legacy is picking a goalie at #5 that pretends he's Patrick Roy without any of the cups or conn smythes to back it up.
  19. Even if Bob were foolish enough to mortgage the future of this team on one player he understands that player would have to be francophone at the very least. An average-sized anglo kid isn't exactly on the radar in MTL these days for a number of reasons.
  20. Seems to me all we are doing these days is looking back at what these past heroes had done 25 years ago as the sole justification for letting them off the hook for everything they aren't doing today. If you think firing someone over the telephone is professional no one is going to change your mind, but just for interest sake take a poll of the people around you, I guarantee more will find is classless than not.
  21. No one is questioning WHY they were let go, even Lever himself said he totally understands that. Everyone is questioning HOW they were let go, and for a man like BG who hasn't exactly been flush with golden moves lately this comes across as one of the lowest class things he can do in his position. Piss poor optics for a team that badly needs some good things to happen.
  22. Did you see Hammer play at all last season?? He is a 5M yoke around the neck of this team and was brutal down the stretch, I mean F'ing brutal. Some people only see what they want to see I guess.
  23. Atlanta will be lucky to have a team still next summer. The only reason thay didn't jump the gun before PHX is because they've been mired in court forever over who owns the team. They certainly will not be in the market to pony up 8M+ for a long-term deal to keep him. He is a franchise player and would fit in well with the European culture in MTL compared to most other NHL cities, and of all the "big splashes" out there he is in my opinion the biggest on the horizon.
  24. I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... ILYA KOVALCHUK 2010-2011 Clear some debris away this summer, take next year to test some of the farm kids out in the show, and figure out who really wants to play and who is just here for the money. Then at some point in the latter stages of next season offer Kovalchuk a long-term deal at whatever he will sign for. This guy is truly a franchise player, and the Habs could be one of the only teams able to throw the kind of money at him needed to sign. PS - keeping Kovy around, being the Russian legend he is, surely would help the signing potential
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