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  1. we could always go after Ponikarovsky at the end of the season. He is 6'4, 229lbs and will probably always wake up to play the leafs. Not sure where he would fit... wouldn't mind seeing A Kost go for someone who actually plays with some size. A Plex/Cammy/Poni line could be really good.
  2. I hope Lucy or Chara cleans that little ****'s clock.
  3. GOMEZ!!! He should have Cammy and Gio's points added to his totals for bringing them in. Now those are some MVP numbers.
  4. So winning in clutch situations is bad now?
  5. So how does Downie get away with trying to break Crosby's knee, but Ovy gets suspended for playing with a little too much enthusiasm?
  6. I could be wrong, but haven't we done quite well against Jersey this year? I know we have only played pre-Kovalchuk Jersey, but he hasn't really added as much punch as they had hoped.
  7. If you guys want to see a dirty hit check out Downie on Crosby.
  8. You guys know Ovie has already been suspended this year right? Not that much of a double standard.
  9. Anyone wearing last year's Stanley Cup ring is fine in my books.
  10. Not sure whether to watch this game on SportsNet west or RDS (I don't speak french). Snet has the absolute worst analysts in sports.
  11. That was just as dirty as what Laps did. Laps was in the heat of the moment, trying to catch a guy on a break away. Blake threw plek to the ice, ripped off his helmet, and tried to smash his head into the ice. Both deserve suspensions in my opinion.
  12. And JM's system throws away an absolute gem by Price. I hope Carey gets the start on Saturday.
  13. max... :nono: Edit: If I'm JM I don't send Max out for another shift, he'll be killed.
  14. When Bob assembled the team he picked guys who play well down the stretch and in the playoffs, and its starting to show. Lots of grit tonight, but they can be passive when they need to draw a penalty. Can't tell you how proud I was to see Gio going after Blake even though he gives up 9 inches to him.
  15. Earlier in the second Gio was going off on a change and a shark Dman just dropped the shoulder and layed him out. No call.
  16. Awe inspiring. that glove save without his stick was incredible.
  17. YES! You mean I can finally get my Moore jersey?
  18. Philly just got lit up for seven goals by FLORIDA... maybe they should have picked up a goalie.
  19. With how long Moore had to wait to sign this season, and how low his point totals are I think if PG offers him a deal at about 4 year for 5 million he will sign.
  20. That trade is such a failure for Toronto. They should be looking for high draft picks, not aging journeymen and former fourth rounders.
  21. Dang! Chara was one of two players with an even plus/minus. I was really hoping he would pull a low number. On another subject I loved our bottom six tonight.
  22. Price has to play eventually, also he is lights out against the Bruins.
  23. Going from never having won olympic gold at home to breaking the record for gold metals with an OT win in men's hockey could be the reason.
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