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  1. Okay When I stated to move AK for a bag of pucks it was just a figure of speech. Everything I read agrees with the fact that his hockey IQ is low and has poor ice vision. Although he may lead the team in hits I'm sure that his hits have very little impact and he constantly misses shooting the puck at least to the net area. I would be suprised if AK is still a habs come trading deadline. During intermission last night against the oilers Kelly Rhudy said that edmonton is shopping Ales Hemsky and that montreal may be the team that will want him. Does anyone know anything more about Hemsky ?
  2. Paul Mara ? Is that the best that PG can do ? My problem with this deal is that we already had Mara here and he was a bust. Truth of the matter is that I would have prefered to have O"Byrne still playing for us and as for LaPierre we got ripped off. C'mon PG stop embarrasing us and make a trade for a real player that will help us go deep into the playoffs. My suggestion is that we get Chris Neil to start and then give away AK for a bag of pucks or ship him to Nashville so he can play with his crazy brother.
  3. Although AK 46 has the makings of a power forward he always goofs up the play and fans on his shot. I'm fed up watching him and therefore I would ship his but to nashville where he can play with his crazy brother. As for Gomez I have to wonder how many line changes have we tried with him? I always thought that Edmonton would may be a taker for Gomez. I would like to see Simmonds in a habs jersey and also bring in Eric Brewer from the Blues. And finally lest I forget please bring in Neil to protect our smaller players and give us a chance against bully teams like the Flyers and Boston of late.
  4. If I recall correctly Ribs was also allergic to the boards which made it sick to watch. I don't have a problem with Ribs leaving rather I always had a problem with Bob Gainey's inability to pull the trigger when Ribs and other players had a greater return. Although I greatly admire Bob I could just never agree to how melonchally he was with his timing. We could have gotten good draft picks for Souray,Komisarek and others instead we got tomatoes.
  5. Dagostini just scored his 10th of the season and Palushaj is still in hamilton. Halak is solid for the blues and Eller has been scratched for the last 3 games and doesn't seem to fill a role with this team. Latendresse was lighting it up with minnesota but Pouliot seems to be thrown from one line to the other. Pouliot, Eller and Palushaj are great players but they need to play with players that compliment their talent and abilities rather than keep switching them from the 1st line to the 2nd,3rd,4th or scratched from the game. This lack of chemistry goes back from the Carbo era and still lingers. All these players are capable and good but the magic is how you put the puzzle all together and make it work day in and day out.
  6. I think that we will beat the crap out of the rangers eventhough were missing Cammelleri and friends. My prediction is 6 to 2 for the bleu-blanc-rouge.
  7. After watching Price perform against boston I must say that he has the quickest glove in the NHL. I'm pleased that Max is playing well but I sure think that AK46 has got to be moved and get a sniper by the name of Dustin Penner. I wish that we make no trades with the Devils in fact I wish they croke on Kovalchucks contract. In my opinion and with all respect to Pyatt I would send him down and bring up White for some energy and grit.
  8. Agreed! I thought that we could see Desharnais lined up with Paccioretty and Gionta.
  9. The coach is always in part accountable for blame/praise but only in part. This is a team and everyone must be held accountable not just the coach. It frustrating when players collectively fail to show up or play at their potential and the coach loses his job. I really like what Pierre Gautier did with Lapierre who prefered not to stay in montreal, he sent him packing. So I wish that Pierre continues to get rid of these morons that make our hockey entertainment bitter and sour to watch. Enough Mr. Nice Guy and bring out the whip. Just my opinion!
  10. In my opinion JM is a great and experienced coach. Critisizing decisions he makes because they haven't panned out is always the easy thing to do. What about Boudreau in washington or McLean in new jersey do we label them as average or poor coaches? I'm confident that our coach is capable of leading this team to vicory but he alone is not able without the support of his team. Is it the coaches fault that Moen is allergic to the boards? Is the coach to blame for the scoring drought that Cammellerri is having? Who's the blame for the slow start of Gomez? What about AK46 what the hell is his problem? And let's not get into Lapierre,Pyatt and a few others. Players have it too well and they always have excuses regarding their performance. When there is only one or two players to deal with it can always be solved but when there a handful too many players it's a F****** mess. In this new NHL the players have the power to plot the firing of any coach. Just my opinion!
  11. I always thought that the oilers would be a good fit for Gomez. They have the cap space and they have lot's of young talent that would benefit playing with a guy like Gomez.
  12. Trading Lapierre opened up a spot for Desharnais and within the next 10 games we will know if Desharnais can consistantley play well as a 2nd line center. If Desharnais does succeed then you can bet that Gomez will be moved to a new team and there are a few takers for Gomez. The other possible scenario would be to keep Gomez and make a trade for Langenbrunner and put him on a line with Gomez-Gionta. On a personal note I believe that Dustin Penner is the guy that will do very well with us and would trade AK46 along with a prospect to get him. My final note on the Lapierre trade is that it gets under my skin to see players that don't show up to play and take stupid penelties like he often did. I guess we will play against Lapierre on January 22nd of 2011.
  13. Good acquisition. Now let's hope that we call up White from hamilton and maybe give Disharnais a chance on the second line center and move Gomez to the third line or put him on a wing. Cammellerri - Plekanec - Kostytsin Paciaretty - Desharnais - Gionta Gomez - Halpern - Pouliot White - Lapierre - Darche
  14. I don't care if we would have traded ribiero for a bag of pucks just as long as he's gone.
  15. I wish that you hadn't mentioned Travis moen in a possible trade. This guy has been our muscle and grit and I would be very worried to see what our team would look like physically up front without our good mate Moen at a bargain price that we have him for.
  16. A top 4-D is a must and I am looking at Regher as a good and solid fit. I think that Regher has 2 more years left in his contract at $4,000,000 per year and that makes good sense to me. Acquiring a player like Regher would ease the physical strain from our defence corp and also help out Price which many of us have already forgotten that he's only human due to his almost supernatural performance thus far this season.
  17. You know I was just thinking how lucky we are to have Gomez on our team. Just imagine if we would have traded away Price and Plekanec for Lecavallier. I would also take Gomez over Briere with my eyes closed. So let's all look at the brighter picture.
  18. I do not view benching P.K Subban as a punishment rather I view it as an opportunity to learn. Watching a game in slow motion from the press box is most often a great opportunity for self reflection. The thing that annoyed me though was that after the loss against edmonton Jacque Martin didn't single out any player instead he stated that the team failed. 1 day later he benched P.K Subban.
  19. After watching the second period I turned off my T.V. It seems that we give free passes to certain teams. I'm just wandering if some of our players really understand how important every point can be. If I recall we have been squeezing into the post season by 1 point in recent years. So it really bothers many of us fans that they play lenienty when they lead a game and then just screw up after the second period. Jacque Martin knows who the players and i hope he pins them up against the wall. What is happenning with Cammelleri? It seems that he doesn't shoot the puck fiecely anymore. He and a few others should be working on target shooting at least 3 to 5 hours every week. Just a thought!
  20. I always read or hear that we need scoring and I couldn't agree more. However why look for scoring elsewhere when scoring can come from our scores starting with Cammelleri,Plekanec,Gionta,Kostystynn and others. If all the players on our current roster play up to their potential then we should not be looking to trade rather we should help the players within our roster achieve their potential that's where I believe the answer lies.
  21. Let's remember that it's all about the team and not just Gomez. Gomez is a passer and play maker therefor it's very unlikely that you will find him in the slot area. The true problem lies with the inconsistant scoring of our players. Our snipers seem to get into hot streaks and then suddenly cold as ice. Gionta for one hasn't had a reasonable scoring percentage and then we have Moen who in my books will not score more than 10 goals this year so the big question is what Pierre Gautier will do to resolve this problem. My guess is that we might have to call up 1 or 2 players from hamilton and give them a chance before we even talk about trade.
  22. We have enough depth currently within our organization and therefore don't feel the need to trade or acquire a player and take on more salary. What the habs need to do is work on getting more consistant production fron our forwards in order to solve the scoring problem. The best solution is to play the waiting game until the trade deadline and by then we will be better equiped to make an informed decision if need be. The team 990 reported that Gomez and others are practising their shooting in brassard today. I think that Gomez recognizes that he must work harder and I'm confident that he will get through this.
  23. Hit the nail right on the head about Komisarek however on the other hand we need to thank him for setting up Camellerri on that one timer and oops before I forget we also owe a thanks to Grabovski for that give away to Halpern that led to a goal. I for one was so happy that he signed in toronto to join his idol Burky as he calls him. I hope that toronto and Burky continue choking all year through.
  24. My mom who also passed away this year loved the passion of Pat burns and she also commented about his piecing and hansom eyes. Now that you are in both in heaven I suppose that she can finally meet her hockey idol. Thank you for the great memories which you left behind Pat. R.I.P
  25. Wasn't Semin a bust last year? Is he is playing better this year for a contract? Will he be effective without Ovechkin as his linemate? How much money would Semin with his agent be asking for to a long term contract? Who will the habs need to give up to acquire him? Just too may questions and concerns!
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