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  1. Hemsky.... Swedish for awful is "hemsk"... coincidence?
  2. Lol. We are turning into the leafs... signing holland and froese. ??
  3. Jagr not going to panthers... maybe last chance to bring him and plekanec together. haha Old guy 3rd line?
  4. I hope its true and he accepts...
  5. I was hoping for a discount but yes I would pay Markov his 6M/year. We need him and its only a small raise from his last contract. Who would you replace him with in our lineup Don?
  6. No difference with DD? There is a big size difference for starters... Id love to have a 6'4 DD in his prime on the habs any day.
  7. I dont think we will have Radulov in the lineup next year... If MB also trades away Chucky for a midpairing Dman I predict we are just a few years away from the dark ages again. I am sure Price will head to UFA next year if we suck... 2018-19 team... Pacioretty Bonino Drouin Lekhonen Danault Scherbak Shaw Plekanec Gallagher De LaRose Hudon McCarron Chuckys return - Weber Juulsen - Petry Schlemko - Benn Haha. i hope I am wrong. ?
  8. Soooo. We get blessed by getting rid of Emelins contract and what will MB do? Sign a new bottom6 for over 4M/year....
  9. I would add a decent prospect as well if that is what it takes...
  10. Bergevin on the phone... Maybe telling his wife that they are finished now and he is going to the airport to fly home in time for late dinner. ?
  11. Ikonen from Frölunda... maybe they are hoping for another great developement like with Lehkonen. Since Lefebvre is horrible at it maybe we are using Frölunda as our development park? ?
  12. We have to have the oldest defence in the whole league...
  13. I dont want that.. i rather keep chucky and our first
  14. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/the-canadiens-acquired-defenseman-david-schlemko/c-290060198
  15. Is it really a bad idea to trade for Emelin at reduced salary for depth?
  16. I dont know so much about this rd or ld needs but is Shattenkirk and Alzner really that bad choices? Seeing Alzner has not missed a game in many years... What about Michael Stone?
  17. Maybe its better having a decent D overpayed at 4.1M than trading him and retaining half his salary and have nothing for 2.05M... I kinda hope we trade for Emelin to return here at half salary. Offer a pick for him.
  18. If they are even concidering taking Emelin or Plekanec without a sidetrade I would try to convince them to do so even more by giving them a pick like our 3rd we got from beaulieu.
  19. Would you care to explain what this smile is about for us others who doesnt understand?
  20. Soooo we better trade both of them for mid picks and fourthliners with great attitude!!!...!!. ?
  21. Dont worry so much... its still Eklund and Hockeybuzz saying this...
  22. I know it is hockeybuzz but their talking Chucky for Hamonic.....
  23. Id skip the 3rd rounder if that means Nate would play for the knights instead of a division rival...
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