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  1. Dach injured already? Caufield knocked around. More nervous for injuries than goals against.
  2. 39-29-8-6 92pts 4th in division 19th in league 7 Suzuki has 73 points.
  3. I watched the highlights from last nights win and I like what I see from wifi. Of course its only highlights but maybe you guys can tell me if he had a good preseason? Is it maybe better he stay away from fighting because he is more valuable to us on the ice and not in the box or injured because of fighting.
  4. Maybe Arber is the Valeri and Florian is Pavel... 😁
  5. Bergeron retires. Bruins going downhill fast?
  6. I dont think we are drafting top10 next year.
  7. What difference does it make if Price is not placed on ltir?
  8. Or sign with us, then traded at deadline for picks/young prospects?
  9. The NL League is very strong. Lots of former khl-stars went there after Russias war. Getting 22 points as an 18-yearold very good numbers. I just wanted one of the remaining forwards so much. 😁
  10. Then Arizona makes an even worse longshot....
  11. 22 points in 46 games in one of the top leagues in europe is good though but still....
  12. Habsfans in sweden isnt thrilled either...
  13. Poor kid, you must tell him he is the new orr.
  14. Pissed off. Why not trade down at least?
  15. Not a habs rumor but Lucic back to Boston is talked about on tsn. I miss the rivalry when Weise and Emelin vs Lucic and Chara was going strong. Would love to see Wifi vs Lucic.
  16. Good to get that distraction out of the way before the draft. Once again we are used by a player to increase his salary. So much for wants to play for the habs...
  17. Thanks for the great discussion all! This site is the best. I agree that its not a good trade because we dont really need to unload Gallagher yet. If we really needed that capspace in a hurry I think it would cost alot though. If we buy out gallagher in two years how long and how much will we pay?
  18. The way Washington russian scout threw michkov under the bus I think its obvious they WANT him for Ovechkin.
  19. PLD for 5th overall and Gallagher? What do you think folks?
  20. Would OEL be someone for us to sign cheap?
  21. Saw an interview in swedish news. He had an exam from harvard he had to do while in the wc. He said it feels great to have the exam finished so he could focus more on the hockey.
  22. Who knows, maybe the war is over in less than 3 years and he is allowed to go to nhl earlier.
  23. I think some veterans have decided that want a chance of being traded before deadline.
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