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  1. so he will go the Hossa path... That means he will win in two years time!
  2. Their goalie is still taller haha
  3. I see Montreal is scouting outside Switzerland for older players
  4. Diaz actually can handle himself in his own end. At the end of the year he was looking better then Georges, Markov, Bouillion (mainly because they were awful.)
  5. the fan base was demanding it pretty hard.
  6. I think Roy will be running the show in Colorado but given what they've been up past few years... (Shattenkirk-Johnson trade, Elliot/Anderson trades, J.S.G's comments about the team) can they do worst? Sure they could trade Landeskog or their 1st for pennies... but at least with Roy they will have direction. He doesn't seem like the type to be stagnant. I'd only worry if they went down the Calgary road of trying to make the playoffs year after year.
  7. Its not a commitment. Coaches are fired 1st year of a 4 year contract all the time. They aren't paid THAT much so the GM's no firing them isn't an issue. Roy probably demanded it and they were like... sure why not.
  8. Datsyuk, Nic, Holmstrom gone.. I assume Zetterbeg will follow soon. What is Detroit after these guys gone? I don't remember hockey before them tbh!
  9. Joined a couple years back and had been reading the articles for a year or so before actually joining the forum. I like to consider myself an informed hockey fan and thank this site for that. Though i do not really post anymore since HWL went down.. funny enough EHM has not worked on my computer since HWL went inactive.
  10. 1A)Boston - Almost every playoffs in memory has been against them.. None of our other rivalries come close. 1B) More Boston 1C) Again Boston 2)Toronto - Classic (More of a rivalry between fans then on the ice) 3)Ottawa - Division rival + intense first round series this year. --------------------------- IMO no other team really is a true rivalry. Pittsburgh we beat once in the playoffs and Crosby does well against us but no hate. Carolina lots of hate around the Koivu injury time... died off. Philly classic rivalry of styles but lacking the strong playoff series (The conference final wasn't too intense, we just were tired and lost) NYR original six but no recent playoff history. Buffalo... There is a rivalry here? No playoffs, No history, They have sucked lately.
  11. maybe the call up inspired him :/
  12. this whole thread seems like one big overreaction. honestly a lot of these comments seem to be made looking at the stat line and not from watching the games. someone said Bouillion can't push people from the crease... which is comical because he was the only guy other then Tinordi on the blueline doing it in the playoffs. the hate on Moen is another "i didn't actually watch the game" comment because he never does anything wrong plus he is one of our more physical players... perfect fourth line guy. about DD. He was invisible, but somehow ended up being +1 while Gallagher (who i love) was -7, i know this stat is screwy but when there is that much discrepency between people on the same line, there has to be a reason. Yes DD is supposed to produce offensively. But his shooter had a bum arm which obviously won't help his stat line. At the same time he doesn't hit like Gally does so you don't see him. I thought he did a good coming back lifting sticks, stealing the puck, sneaking in and taking it from the boards. Same as Patches, who did nothing offensively, but back checked hard to try and compensate and did try to make chances.
  13. that series was all Anderson and injuries. personally I'm very happy about the year (wish the leafs had lost their series 4-1 as well, less headaches from leaf fans haha)
  14. Bouillion made some great plays early in the game, solid checks, pushing people out of the crease, cutting of that Pague guy. Moen was solid this series. Budaj shouldn't have been resigned once we traded for Tokarski. DD was invisible.
  15. lol patches has now hit everything on the ice after running into Anderson, weak shot attempt though :/
  16. There are just no calls tonight for either team
  17. Amazing effort by Pleks on the first one, great goal by galchenyuk. I'm going to give props to Paches who while still not scoring is very visible on the ice.. I don't think there is an Ottawa player he hasn't attempted to walk through at least once haha
  18. trade the team, fire the coach, wheres halak.
  19. just curious is there any chance that Emelin will come back for the playoffs?
  20. I wish we had been winning our other games... I want Winnipeg to make the playoffs but we can't keep losing
  21. Problem is Gorges hasn't been playing well either... Right now our best defensive guy is PK. We really need Emelin back to steady out the rotation.
  22. that second goal was really ugly play by cube and markov though
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