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  1. - I liked what I saw from Bozon. Naturally, he got demoted to the 4th line. This has happened in both games I saw in St John's... Coach must really hate him.
  2. bbp

    PK's dumb

    I actually think it is PK's offensive brain farts that are more obvious than his defensive ones. He seems to give the puck up a lot in the offensive zone by doing one too many moves... but at the same time I rewatch it and not sure who else was moving on the ice trying to give him an outlet
  3. Screw it time to go full faith mode. Price will come back. The team will rally behind their great leader. Habs will sneak into the 8th seed. Demolish the competition. Win the cup. Boom.
  4. I think it is more about calling him up so people can cheer for someone they have grown to like. Having a player in the lineup who can't score isn't exactly new for us this season....
  5. That was a great read. Maybe I'm always fast to jump on a "hate the NHL" bandwaggon but... that line he said set him off? What NHL office moron thought that was a thing to say?
  6. I would feel more confidant acquiring him if we some more solid vets.
  7. See I'm curious if there are underlying problems in Tampa Bay as an organization. The Martin St. Louis issues, Stamkos strangeness, Drouin hold out. I mean we did experience the Gauthier regime here in Montreal.
  8. Might be non-sense but I'd think players would be playing a bit scared with Condon/Tokarski between the pipes... when they are used to Carey Price. Making slight hesitations means more time for sticks to get in the way and goalies to get set. edit: not to mention the loss of our sparkplug Gallagher.
  9. Went to the Devils vs Icecaps game in St John's the other night (where McCarron got a hatty). On McCarron... this kid has amazing hands, made some really nice passes he always got rid of it fast either on net or to a teammate. Thing is just kinda floated to the front of the net and stood there, he barely moved all game it seemed... no idea if he can skate or not because he simply didn't "work". Never saw him lean on anyone or anything, at the same time no one leaned on him though he wasn't really screening the goalie well so I get why Devils D-men weren't going to waste energy trying to move him. Player that really stood out in the first for pure effort was Bozon, huge contrast to when I saw him play in juniors. In the first period he was throwing himself at everything and fighting for position in front of the net non-stop. Sometimes ended up losing his footing but really was fun to watch... then it looked like he was benched almost the whole second and floated the rest of the game. Completely different for the rest of the game. Dietz looked really good, stripped a few guys of the puck, laid some good hits, overall looked solid. I was surprised by how well Didier skates. New guy Lucas Lessio is a smooth skater. Didn't see a lot of Elis or Gregoire. Fucale wasn't playing but Eddie P was hilarious to watch. Made some amazing saves but was sliding all over the place. He was fun to watch, finished with a great stat-line and made some highlight saves but I wouldn't say he was "good". edit: Also Icecaps got 3 in on Wedgewood who looked utterly horrid. He almost fell over at least twice just moving around his net, he was boggling the puck every shot... bad bad night for him
  10. Makes sense. Those two couldn't get the puck out to save their lives.
  11. I just had the same thought looking at the lineup
  12. I remember reading that article before the draft.
  13. Does anyone else think there is a problem in the AHL? How many players have made our line up since Lefebvre took over? Beaulieu and some goalies as backups? Meanwhile, TONS of players are amounting to nothing and I don't just mean the Nygren's or Crisp's but the Tinordi's, Leblanc's, and JDL's. I mean I know not every prospect turns out but to only have one player really break the habs roster from the AHL in 3 years?
  14. I'd rather have a shootout. It has a degree of anticipation and I can enjoy a shoot out for what it is. This 3 on 3 is painful on the eyes, I enjoy winning and losing in shootouts more. 3 on 3 is so anti climatic.
  15. bbp


    If its true people sat him down and told him to run 3 offensive lines instead of two offensive and two defensive... Then I'm not putting him on a pedestal. This team is great and we have an incredible goalie.
  16. I firmly believe playing Murray single handily lost us games against Boston in our series.
  17. Where does Hudon fit into all of this? Does he have a shot out of camp, next year or do people think he doesn't actually have NHL upside?
  18. Just wanted to let you know your dedication to the site is commendable and has been a huge impact on me as a hockey fan
  19. Hes 21. He played 20M once this year. He'll get better, get more minutes and play with stronger players. He'll produce. If he can turn into a 30g 70p player thats all we need. (I think a new coach would help his progression a lot)
  20. To be honest I have very little hope for Montreal this playoffs. Not going to make it out of the 2nd round. I don't think we can beat Tampa plus Boston is a 50/50 series every time. After that no way we beat NYR.
  21. Its going to take a lot more than one good playoff series against Tampa Bay for me to see Eller as anything other than a 30 pt a season guy who will go 15 games between points at least twice a year. Yes he had 5 points in 4 games against Tampa.... Yes he had four multi point games in the next 13 games.... but in the other eleven he had 1 assist. He also only had 1 shot in the entire rangers series. Zero consistency to his game. Never will be.
  22. I'm disappointed about this. Really liked watching Sekac play, had high hopes for him. I know people make the Eller comparison but Sekac had 10x the compete Eller ever has shown. But Pelly does bring some other things to the table. We'll see.
  23. I just hope the Hamilton/Non-Hamilton Prospect stuff stays around. Not many comment on it but it is the main reason I come here, even though I don't post anymore.
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