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  1. 8-5 wings-hawks game, must of been entertaining one to catch
  2. $3.5 for a solid RH defensive d-man? What is panic and horrible about that? $4.4 for Dvorak, solid 25yr old centre. "" "" "" Hoffman is uber-skilled shooter with a defensive black-hole we all knew that, Brett Hull was exact same and is in hall of fame. And for $4.5m and is on 20g pace on horrible team, cant complain. So, i kinda think not a one of the 3 are horrible signings. But, just my opinion.
  3. Sounds like Gallagher, Byron, Caufield, Armia? all be back on Sat. Brook, Oulette also healing up and be back with Laval Niku on waivers Armia 1g in 34 games, i remember arguing disagreeing in Sept, bunch folks saying he was 20g+goal scorer...
  4. I know. Just fed up with bush league BS; but i suppose, vast majority of goons are gone, so is a slight improvement brought about by public criticism, so maybe ONE DAY, officials will be allowed to call a good game and will be some ramifications for fighting; but we all know, likely will take one or more serious life threatening injuries or fatality and huge public backlash to nudge the dial.
  5. Based on the play of THIS roster? Come on. But do agree, likely gone as Hughes we assume will put in 'his' man.
  6. Are you f'in kidding? SO; if a NFLer smokes a QB, he instantly must fight? or same for rugby, any hard tackle deserves a fight. How immature, idiotic and passe is that mentality? And not allowed within the rules.
  7. And minni d man did take a poke at Dalphin, so i have zero issue with the solid bodycheck, i would of done same. Bodychecking is still allowed in the NHL isnt it?
  8. Could be, i really dont know, seems safest thing to do though and cant hurt, can it?
  9. didnt read it, just saying dont care for any coaching changes this season. Romanov-Evans-Poehling doing fine, arnt they? Caufield i think NO ONE has a clue what is best.
  10. Again, what difference will a head coach change make? Change for the sake of change seems it.
  11. A new head coach will make the difference...and how exactly will he do that?
  12. Well Mr. Hughes, what do ya think? Mid-season point. Solidly in 32nd, no where to go but up.
  13. I know, now beat up Minni's back up, there one goal by Pitlick.
  14. Did he tip the 3rd goal? Poor goalies, but they have all been lit up before in their careers, just hope the beatings dont continue...for same goalie anyways.
  15. What the heck was Petry doing on that 4th goal?
  16. How much would Price leave on the tables...zillions? Why would he ever do that?
  17. After getting 3 wins from a ring, i kinda think he would love to win one, with someone, before retiring. Is the only gap in his HofF resume.
  18. After 4 straight gms with points, the sniper was held off scoresheet vs the Aves.
  19. 8-32 Habs vs 24-13 Wild Zuccarello 10pts last 5gms, hav won 5 of last 6, a good 'test' for Habs. Lehkonen and Suzuki, along with Christian Dvorak and Tyler Toffoli, have all registered at least one point in the last three games. Monday, January 24 Morning skate LW C RW 62 - Artturi Lehkonen 14 - Nick Suzuki 73 - Tyler Toffoli 45 - Laurent Dauphin 28 - Christian Dvorak 68 - Mike Hoffman 32 - Rem Pitlick 71 - Jake Evans 17 - Josh Anderson 55 - Michael Pezzetta 25 - Ryan Poehling 13 - Cedric Paquette 42 - Lukas Vejdemo LD RD G 8 - Ben Chiarot 58 - David Savard 30 - Cayden Primeau 77 - Brett Kulak 26 - Jeff Petry 70 - Michael McNiven 27 - Alexander Romanov 20 - Chris Wideman 15 - Sami Niku 43 - Kale Clague 64 - Corey Schueneman Tale of the Tape Canadiens Statistics Wild 8-25-7 Record 24-10-3 46.9% (25th) Scoring-chances-for % 50.1% (17th) 2.18 (32nd) Goals per game 3.70 (3rd) 3.65 (31st) Goals against per game 2.97(17th) 13.3% (31st) PP% 17.7% (21st) 73.0% (29th) PK% 79.7% (16th) 1-1-0 (19-20) H2H Record 1-1-0 (19-20)
  20. Mailloux 1a 5 shots; 8pts 31shots 6gms. Vrbetic 5g 35shots loss
  21. Anyways, love that Poehling looks much more comfortable out there, got some more PP time and 'seems' much quicker, than used to be. Just 2 of 8 on faceoff, so obviously needs work there, but age and experience should take of that bit. (209faceoffs: 95-114 45.5% not horrible)
  22. Suzuki 4pts last 3gms Toffoli 6pts in last 4gms played (3 gms since return)
  23. Well, if Primeau gets string of games and doesnt get totally lit up ...maybe wont be bad for his development? (1-3 4.11 0.883% so far)
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