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  1. AK46 and Svatos have also been invited to Panthers camp
  2. shootouts to decide elimination games is stupid, end of.
  3. CSKA were definitely equal, Tretiak was ridiculous
  4. 1994 (MLB) had a big effect on the lockout...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww63Q36965g
  6. There will be a draft The first overall will be either Pittsburgh or Edmontons ;D
  7. Haha, though Markov is DtD with bruised ribs
  8. The road trips are no where near as stupid as the back-to-back-to-back games though, Toronto had more than any team last year :/
  9. The amount of times the Marlies and Dogs play is stupid, Toronto now go on that ridiculous road trip, and the last game of course is Hamilton
  10. Geno and Gonchar to Magnitorsk, CSKA Moscow will probably now move for Semin and Ovechkin, CSKA are giving Fedorov whatever he needs, and Fedorov wants them (he also wanted Datsyuk but he's gone to Ak)
  11. How is Seguin worth more than Kessel?
  12. Xbox 360 GM Connected Name = HWL All teams bar Washington available Add me on live - xGRABOVSKI 84
  13. Completely the correct decision to make the lockout legal, if Quebec doesn't lock out the Habs, there goes any hope for the Nordiques returning.
  14. Markov - Will play the same amount of games as #79 If it is a moody dog which doesn't speak the language or is small - Grabovski or Kostitsyn If is a small dog - Desharnais If it is a dog which amazes but is equally frustrating - Alex (Isn't gender specific and would be named after Kovalev) If it is a dog which is proud dog which looks like it could be a leader - Saku Though seriously, Boom Boom, Rocket or Pocket Rocket would be good shouts as most Hab related names are male gender specific
  15. I agree on the whole with the article, but Evgeny Kuznetsov should make the Sochi team ahead of Grigorenko or Yakupov
  16. Carolina is a bad example, the 7 m thrown at Semin was to get under cap floor, assuming the cap increases like it has for the past few seasons, Skinner's contract gets them over the cap floor for next year
  17. Guess it is ok then to deliberately leave a leg hanging to injure another player? Then again, Wambach is untouchable... Late challenges are a part of football, always have been, always will be,
  18. I don't particulary like the Leafs, but Grabovski is in my top 5 players in the NHL (Koivu, Grabovski, Semin, Ovechkin, Markov) I don't hate them by any means, the one NHL team I purely hate is Boston. The Sakic jersey is a similar situation, as the Avs are in the lower terms of teams I would want to win, but the jersey was so damn cheap, I used to like Ryder before he left for Boston. The Steerlers in the Elite League are my nearest team locally in the top level of British Hockey, and the Caps I have adopted as a second team due to the Europeans, its a shame Sasha has gone. And finally the Marlies are my AHL team. For the football ones, I probably wear around 10-12 of them, due to it being a lifetime collection, and out of the teams, I support Chelsea and follow Slask Wroclaw, Atletico Madrid, Milan and Basel with the most interest, the rest are from finding them in shops and going on holiday as its a perminant momento of a trip.
  19. Really? That is trying to injure an opponent (and subsequently the tackle that essentially ended Haalands career). What Tancredi was doing was on the same level of Wambach, both using their size and strength advantage.
  20. The Canadians actually got booked for challenges the US team didn't get bookings for, some decisions went against the USA, but they were little decisions which didn't affect the outcome of the match, key decisions went in favour of the US but without those decisions, the US would more than likely have not won the game.
  21. Jerseys Grabovski Toronto Maple Leafs Home Jersey (With the "A" on it) Markov Home jersey (With Match des Etoiles patches and "A") Koivu Home CCM (With "C") Ryder 3rd CCM Toronto Marlies home blank Sheffield Steelers (Elite League Team in England, blank) Sakic Colorado CCM Jersey (Found it in a store in England for £25, couldnt say no) Will be investing in an Ovechkin and Semin Jersey (Both Washington, even though Semin is no longer there) Football/Soccer About 50-60 in total 18 Chelsea shirts, 5 Milan shirts, 1 Inter shirt (ewww), 8 Atletico Madrid, 1 Borussia Monchengladbach, 1 FC Basel, 1 Athletic Bilbao 3 Benfica, 2 Sporting Lisbon, 1 Italy, 1 Portugal, 3 Russia, 1 Poland (with Blaszczykowski), 3 Lille shirts, 1 Spartak Moscow,1 Dynamo Kyiv, 1 Croatia, 1 Toronto FC , 1 Olympiakos, 1 Fenerbahce, 1 Slask Wroclaw, 1 Wisla Krakow, 1 Ukraine that should be it probably more, and looking at that, it is ridiculous at how many I have, but I have always collected them really.
  22. The refereeing was in the favour of the USA, Abby Wambach was the referee essentially. Especially as she was in the referee's ear counting the seconds the ball was held in the box. Though it isn't a surprise the referee was on the USA's side. Bigger teams get decisions in their favour, its a sad fact about football.
  23. The idea that a player can refuse out right to play for a team, then claim he is having his employment chances hindered wouldn't be accepted on this side of the Atlantic, the player is actively stopping themselves from being employed.
  24. for the Elite league, it really is though, thats the reality of hockey in a non hockey country >_>
  25. So essentially, you are saying the way Lindros treated Quebec was fine? This was the exact same situation as the Lindros situation and the same thing with Schultz this offseason, it should be compulsory to play your ELC.
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