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  1. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=177269&hubname=nhl would be a good move by Clarke ... I don't think Vancouver will be able to match it.
  2. True , But if Snow wants to keep his job he'll do anything Wang tells him too ( look what happened to Smith when he said no ) ... If he said do it then he did it ... if Snow said no then he'd be out of a job too and its not like other teams are drooling over each other to get Snow as they're GM From what i've been reading is Wang took over this negotiation from Snow.
  3. THE PRICE IS RIGHT !!! sorry couldn't resist
  4. I don't think this was Snow's fault or idea ... on TSN's article is was mentioned that they tried to do the 15 year deal after the lockout but couldn't get the insurance set so they signed him to a 1yr deal ... now Snow wasn't the GM then it was Mad Mike ... so it's WANG doing this ... someone who has no idea how to run a sports franchise !! What's next .... are they gunna sign Satan to a new 10 year 6.66 mil a year deal ? or how about ( wait who else is on that team again ? :?- ) :puke: They should just rename the team to the Wang Chungs !
  5. You'd think they would have learned after the Yashin deal that anything over 5 years is ######ED ! They will NEVER be able to trade him or get out of that contract ... how many teams have the same goalie that they had 15 years ago ??? NONE !!! Broduer is the only one even close. I thought Milbury was the root of all that evil in the island ( apparently he was only bad at trading franchhise players away for nothing ) ... but we all now know it was WANG ! :puke: and his new puppet Garth Snow ... No wonder Neil Smith bolted so quickly. I think the NHL should step in and kick the owners out ... they are destroying a once proud franchise. it must really suck to be an Islander fan ... I pitty them
  6. If Saku can't return then i'd say sign Allison ... it won't cost us any players or prospects ... he's played with Samsanov before in Boston and Kovalev likes to hang onto the puck and slow the play down anyways so Allison's speed won't be a super issue ... also he did get 60 points in 64 games last season on the 2nd line in Toronto so he's still got the skill to play ... his health will be the issue Sami , Allison , Kovalev Higgins , Ribs , Ryder Perez , Pleck , Johnson Begin , Bonk , Downy Either that or move Bonk up to the 2nd line and see how he responds Sami , Ribs , Kovalev Higgins , Bonk , Ryder Perez , Pleck , Johnson Murray , Begin , Downy
  7. Daze isn't even Lindros ... at least Lindros had played more than than 30 games in his last two seaons ... Daze played 19 games in 03-04 and 1 game last season ... HE'S DONE ! no nhl team is going to sign a 6'6" player with a back worse than a 90 year old ... why do the habs need a player like this ? I feel bad for Daze because when he was healthy he was a 40 goal scorer ... but that was about 4-5 years ago. if the habs have to replace saku ( hopefully not ) then I'd say Allison should be at the top of that list ... his only Knock is his speed but like Riberio he can work on that. he still put up 60 points in 66 games. plus he has size ( all though he doesn't use it enough ) he's probably fit well between Higgins and Ryder.
  8. if it was Daze from 5 years ago ... then yes ... but until he plays somewhere ( like europe ) and doesn't get injured then maybe an NHL team will give him a shot ... until then he's damaged goods ( and probably not even close to game shape ) He would NOT help the Habs right now ... i'd rather have Plekc as the fill in for Koivu and have Kotsy take his wing spot for the time being.
  9. well you never know ... someone like chips, latendresse or kotsi could always steal someone's spot ... which would force a trade or waiver action ... because if one of the kids are ready and play better than a vet then you make room for him.
  10. that's why I don't watch the news ... to many opinions and not enough facts ... and the mainstream news only reports on what's "popular" and not if its news worthy.
  11. Exactly ... I think its the bling bling that wieghs them down ... they blind themselves with it and that's why they can't make jump shots and 3's.
  12. Unfortunatly the PC version will NOT be next-gen ... which basically means it will only be a little bit better than the 06 version I'm pissed ... only because I watched all the trailers and looked at the screen shots and assumed it was going to look like that for the PC game as well, they can do it ... but they WON'T .... also I've read in forums that the dynasty features will not be the same as the XBOX 360 is getting ... that too pisses me off ... I'm going to find it very hard to fork over $40-50 bucks for a game that is just alittle bit more updated ( not really ) than the 06 version already in my computer ... i've read that the physic's engine and all the new stuff ( ie goalie movements etc ) will also not be the same ( it will be like 06 ) ... I think i'm just going to update my rosters once again on 06 and just play that until either it comes out on PS3 ( which I want , not XBOX ) or from what i've read they're going to do next-gen on nhl08 for PC. boy EA sure does know how to piss it's customers off .. year after year. Too bad nobody else makes a decent hockey game for the PC. most of this I read in forums , from EA , Gamespot and IGN
  13. Yeah editing every player though the console is a big hassle ... like you I usually just edit the Habs and most of the obvious mistakes. I'm still really looking forward to this game. oh and Fanpuck ... EHM 2007 comes out on Sept 22 ... that game looks like its going to be nice as well.
  14. I pretty much just get the PC version only now ... just so I can update the rosters ... either I get them from somewhere or I edit them myself. other than the roster and player ratings ... I think EA still makes the best game to play
  15. You know fellas ... take that list of player ratings ... turn on your nhl06 game and they're pretty much the same ...EA has done that for the most part for the since 04 ... they only adjust a few players and add new ones ... they won't any time in the near future adjust every player based on performance from the priveous year. Now if you get the PC version of the game and wait about a month or two after the game is released ... there are a lot of people that go though every player and adjust they're player stats ... add ALL the new players .. even prospects not under contract ( which EA is limited too ) and adjust rosters for traning camp trades and wavier action. all you have to do is wait and then download the file and place it in the proper folder. For console games it's alot more difficult than that i'm afraid nhldepot.net .. is a good place for finished rosters
  16. For PC that should work ... but they couldn't use your roster in a season they've already begun ... they would have to start from the beginning.
  17. you know what they say about hockey players that have large skates ? they wear big socks
  18. I think he'll be ok ... he'll be 19 when the season starts ... alot of people forget that ... if his birthday was 2-3 weeks earlier he would have been drafted in 05 with crosby ... he's also already played one season of college against other 18-23 year olds and put of some pretty decent numbers ( although he was playing with some good players ) ... but I think the fact he's going to be 19 is the reason boston signed him ... if he was just turning 18 or just did ... I think they would have let him go to college for at least one year. also at 6' 190 he's got decent size/thickness to handle nhl size players and long as he doesn't go nuts and try to hit everyone and everything. Also I think Boston has enough decent forwards to keep him from having to do everything , like ovechkin .. they can put him on the second line with Savard and Murray ... those too will open up room for him to show his stuff. That and chara will be there to protect his ass. haha Faerie and his Finnlanders !
  19. Not sure of this so don't quote me ... but I think CHL players can't play in the AHL if they're under 20 because of an agreement with both leagues and the NHL .... I think if you play college in the states ( or high school even ) and don't ever play in the CHL you can play in the AHL under 20 years of age ( although its rare because NHL teams don't have to play players to play in college ) ... europeans can too ... example .. Laui Tukonen was 19 last year and played in the AHL. so in theory ... Kessel can play in the AHL this season .. but I don't think that's why they signed him. Again i'm not 100% sure
  20. Found Him http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=174525&hubname=nhl Too bad I have to work tomorrow ... I could drive up to LA to check him out practicing
  21. I thought this would be kinda fun ... everyone post a place ( city and state/province ) where they think where he will show up first. and if anyone finds an article say on tsn/sportsnet etc about where he is post it. My choice New York, NY =)
  22. Out of all the rumor sites I believe Eklunds is the most reliable ... that elephant guy is a total tard ... at least eklund doesn't blert out stupid crap that's completely unbelieveable ... I'm sure he is connected in some way .. or else he wouldn't have been writing colums for sportsnet , on XM radio shows etc ... either that or he's pulled one of the greatest scams ever. I do go to hockeybuzz once in awaile and read what he and the other bloggers post there ... most are good reads and help with my hockey fix ... but I take it in stride ... the nhl is so unpredictable when it comes to moves and signings ... so take it for what it is :ghg:
  23. i'd rather have Bonk and Komi ..... Grebeshkov blows ... he couldn't even make the Kings even with they're mulitple injuries on the blue line .... and when he did play he blew ... caughed up the puck constantly
  24. I think you got these mixed up Koivu should stay K of hearts but .... Kovavlev should be the kings of spades ( because you never know what he's going to do ) Huet should be King of clubs ( because he's lights out ) and Markov should King of dimonds ( because he's a rock and is the most valuable to the team )
  25. With Fisher and Price coming in the future the team should be able to attract new young fans ... ages 2-8 :1special: all kidding aside ... good article ... hopefully he can keep improving on the skills he has ... he could be come a top pairing d-man and a power play quarterback
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