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  1. I just don't like the Vancouver pasted on it .. the rest is great. ... The Kings have Los Angeles on the bottom ( which is a better spot ) of they're jerseys and it doesn't stick out as much as Vancouver's does.
  2. Sucks not knowing how to read French
  3. Woot !! Game Day ... I'm getting out and hour early from work so I get home in time to catch the game :hlogo: :ghg: :ghg: :ghg:
  4. I think the habs are going to aquire Garon from Edm and then send him to the kings in a three-way deal
  5. Yup and I'm sure that they could be trying to get someone to take him ... if he plays well in the AHL then maybe someone will take him at half the salary on the way up .. or maybe they'll keep him down there the rest of the season then buy him out .. who knows.
  6. I think they're just going to give Bernier a try for at least the 9 game period before they have to send him back .. if he's awesome then he'll stay. if not then I guess Labarbera or Aubin will get a good look. Lombardi said that he's sending Cloutier down as a " rehab " assignment. Basically like when Roger Clemens came back he started in the minors to get his rhythm back. I guess he feels that since Cloutier hasn't played regularly in 3 years that the work in the AHL could be positive. Hopefully to get his confidence back and basics back. It could work.
  7. I highly doubt anyone takes him and that contract. Either this is just a last ditch shake up attempt or they'll send him to Manchester.
  8. Well if the Sharks think he can contribute and he's still having fun why not ? I'm sure JR wants to get those 5 goals to get 500. I don't think SJ is looking for the old JR to return .. I think they just brought him in for Depth and Leadership.
  9. I believe that 44 was the # he started his career with in Tampa
  10. The Demo is awesome !! ... I will definatly be picking this one up and playing it relentlessly I highly doubt the features will be even close on the PS2 as it is on the 360.
  11. Oh yes he can ... I heard he's going to replace you with that tiger that attacked Roy. At least he can ride a tricycle
  12. I think he's here to replace you Tony ... and your wonderful Frosted Flakes
  13. Just wanted to jump in and take a stab at #6 .... is it The Messenger : Story of Joan of Arc ??
  14. Must be nice to be a professional athlete ... you get jail time and basically get to go when ever the F you want. What about average Joe ? would he get this kind of treatment for this crime ? no he'd be ripped from his family and would probably get a stiffer sentence. But forbid that a pro hockey player or any athlete have to miss games during the season. As if they don't have enough money to survive missing work for 6 months :puke:
  15. YES !!! finally I get to see a Habs game here at home ! But it's in freakin March ! ... well i've waited almost 4 years so I guess I can wait a little longer :hlogo:
  16. If I woke up tomorrow and my car turned into an R32 I would not be sad
  17. The machines are taking over !!! RUN AWAY ! Terminator 3 is coming true !
  18. 03 VW Gti Vr6 Crappy camera phone pic but very fun car
  19. that was actually kinda funny ... must have been shark week on discovery channel
  20. With the fact that he still hasn't offically said he's going to match ... I don't think he's going to ... They have Bobby Ryan as well who should be about ready to go and could fill Penner's spot.
  21. Very good stuff ! Hopefully they get fully funded to accelerate this process as it would help so many people, and I would assume it would replace lazer surgury for people with poor eye sight as well.
  22. I have an 03 VW Gti Vr6 I'll post a pic later.
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