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  1. Schlemko must be close to coming back.
  2. Some people seemed to very supportive of McGuire last time around and others were on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Why so terrifying? Wasn't his last stint in any management role a long time ago? Could he not have learned more since then? What are your thoughts on his scouting ability?
  3. No sure what it is but this team does not have it. The answer is not in the room. Pettry has been so bad, and not just because of the last penalty. Zero hockey sense and so damn soft.
  4. They take a lot of low percentage shots, easy saves for the goalies
  5. How many more losses before a turn around is too late?
  6. Just tuned in. This team really came ready to play tonight eh?
  7. It would be interesting to see Galchenyuk Drouin and Lekonnen. Montoya is looking sharp tonight!
  8. Galchenyuk is moving his feet tonight
  9. I predict Charles Hudon gets his first goal in the NHL tonight. Kid is hungry!
  10. Damn! So much for the original day to day diagnosis, by the time he gets back it will be almost 2 months!
  11. I see galchenyuk more as a shooter, let drouin set him up, it has not worked with Patch thus far. I like this configuration, id just switch Shaw and Plek or Shaw and DLR
  12. Galchenyuk so timid out there. He needs to start hitting people to get involved and shake off the fear
  13. Hemsky is gonna be the next one on waivers
  14. The lack of hockey sense at the highest level can be mind boggling. Makes me miss Markov
  15. Galchenyuk does not seem to be a player that can dominate the puck by himself like Drouin. He needs someone to get him the puck, more like pacioretty. I have to admit he does look a little lost out there and at this point I'm not sure how much more he can learn. I HOPE it's just a lack of confidence.
  16. The Plek line seems to be having trouble so far. Mete's game is so simple yet so effective. I wish Julien would swap byron and galchenyuk.
  17. I don't see why they bother putting Galchenyuk on the 4th line? If he is ever going to be successful it's not there. If you're trying to send him a message why not just put him in the press box?
  18. The sample size is too small to draw any conclusions about this team. The regular season started less than a week ago. I say 10 more games in and we will have a much more accurate picture.
  19. Didn't we used to get pissed at MT for using the blender?
  20. Those are stats I like to hear!
  21. Tavares and Turris are UFA next summer. Plus Patch is coming due. Maintain flexibility should not be underated.
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