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  1. That last 7-8 minutes looked like a team that has quit on the coach and the season.
  2. Columbus has 4 player with at least 15 goals and we have 1. Did I mention they're Columbus?
  3. I could easily see Drouin sitting for the rest of the year. Yzerman won't just make a deal to accommodate the kid. I bet a top 10 pick at the draft would get it done.
  4. Wow, that escalated quickly. This will definitely diminish his trade value and possibly his career if T-Bay just lets him rot on suspension. I bet they wish they picked Seth Jones now
  5. Looks like the players are squeezing the sticks pretty hard, and it sure isn't helping.
  6. Why only in the o-zone though. DD is terrible defensively and can't win a battle for his life, does the coaching staff really think Chucky is worse? He is 51.5% at the dot.
  7. I missed some of the game, what happened?
  8. Not liking seeing Galchenyuk on DD's wing, I'd rather the other way around, only way for Chuck to get better.
  9. The comment about the pressure of a young local kid who was a high first round pick was more of an after though. What I'm really opposed to is paying a high price to acquire a playmaking winger who has not shown that he can be an impact player in the league yet (2 goals and 6 assists in 19 games this season). This team needs to get better at center and needs to add another goal scorer.
  10. I actually hope we don't get Drouin. He is a smallish playmaking winger who has basically done nothing in the NHL thus far. The price will be steep and given his age and the fact that he is a local kid, I could easily see the pressure / environment killing his career.
  11. If they have enough energy left to play like they did last night I like our chances.
  12. We really sould see more Beaulie in OT. That said, I'm really happy with the effort tonight. This is a game we should have won but the looser point is actually huge. 3 points over the next tow games and the chi, St.lou, chi, boston stretch can be considered a success.
  13. Even with the PP, you still need to win puck battles, DD doesn't do that or shoot the puck so I really don't see any point in having him out there. Galchenyuk is looking good, I hope he can burry one.
  14. Apart from the first and last minutes of the period MTL looked really good. I like the fight and desperation in their game.
  15. Im ready to bury DD in the minors. Lets go Chuck, Pleck, Eller and Mitchel down the middle and let Carr fill the empty spot on the wing. If you think that was poor coverage from DD on the first goal, just wait till the playoffs..... if we get in.
  16. Next four games are hawks, blues, hawks, bruins. If we can win two of the next four I'll call it a success. The schedule does get a bit easier after that.
  17. Probably not an easy game vs. Corey Schneider. Habs better come ready tonight.
  18. Check out the draft positions of the FLA players on the score sheet. This FLA team has been slowly building for years plus Lou is at least solid in net.
  19. WOW, Mtl cluless 3 vs. 3. Galchenyuk and Fleichman were the only ones who seamed to have any idea what was going on. DD was particularly bad with a few very week / dumb turnovers.
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