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  1. All we need is to make the playoffs. Any team that makes it to the playoffs is a "contender" as history will confirm.
  2. Barring trade or mass of injuries to the D corps, he will spend a full season on the farm and make his NHL debut next season (assuming he has a good camp )
  3. That's the difference between us I guess, you speculate on the reasons and mentality of the players and assume your right.
  4. Anyone else notice PK blew past Weber in development this season?
  5. Centennial T-shirt, 100th anniversary DVD box set (special edition version), fleece 100th ann. habs blanket, and a Jean Beliveau vintage jersey (soon to be signed). Un-habs related book.... Hockey Dad by Bob McKenzie
  6. I shortened your post some, so for that I'm sorry, but.... This concept is all but a gaurantee to make no NHL UFA sign here. Think of the image that portrays by sending a player as respected as Gomez to the farm for cap reasons (When we have no one to spend it on anyway). How quickly we forget that the one and ONLY reason Gionta, Cammalleri, and others signed was because Gomez was here already.
  7. Maybe we should have a thread for all the wannabe scouts here that can "predict" just how good all the players are that the habs don't take in their position? You know, all the guys that say we should have taken player X instead of player Y, after 5 years of hindsight.
  8. I'd like to trade this thread. Jackp can go as a throw in...... Futures anyone, any takers?
  9. true, but in this case he is just plain wrong.
  10. I kinda like this thought, but if the Plex of 08' returns, no one in the NHL today would trade anything for him until year 6 at the best case scenario.
  11. As much as I hate to admit it ..... I agree with Fanny
  12. You just gave your post validity with that finish. Irony my friend
  13. I don't remember a season worth of calls going so against one team like this year.
  14. from our standpoint, yes.... from other teams........Not really. Wait until you hear which teams are interested.
  15. do you have a pic of it, because I didn't pay too much attention to the jersey itself. If you have one I can likely point you in the right direction
  16. I thought the "when he's on" line cleared up any confusion to what you see on the ice at the moment
  17. I really hope your wrong there. I love Lapierre's game and when he's on I want him doing that on my team not against them.
  18. Terrible call on Mara late in the game... I think the Washington player deserved the penalty. but overall happy considering the game was destined to be a blowout early on. Max Pac is one small step from breaking out into the player we think he can be, what a performance.
  19. What he did was what injured him, but it didn't happen in a hockey game.
  20. I know some habs fans are guilty of over valuing the prospects but you are guilty of undervaluing them. SK is a bum and Cogliano is a young guy with potential and upside? Shake your head
  21. yeah good luck with that. On another note, does anyone know where a video of the Rupp hit can be seen?
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