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  1. Habs are really fighting the puck. Passes are just a bit off to accept at full pace, losing control of the puck with zero pressure, and all five players on the ice seem to have five different ideas on how to create offense.
  2. I just want to watch a Habs game and enjoy it from beginning to end more than once a month. Get the lead. Keep the lead. Extend the lead. It's what good teams do.
  3. I once played hockey with a kid in tyke who would try to fall on every puck with his pads just like Allen did. The outcome (every time) was also the same as Allen.
  4. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/medical-update-byron-danault-gallagher-weber--price/c-324451942?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=CHCcontent&utm_content=EN-0507-MedicalUpdate Official update on 5 injured Habs, but not much we didn't already know. Danault has returned to Montreal and will not play tomorrow.
  5. Danault not expected to be out long-term, but is being evaluated tomorrow.
  6. The Phil Brickma magic ran out. Someone else needs to do a GDT.
  7. Habs can clinch as early as today with a Habs win and a Canucks loss.
  8. Kotkaniemi - 20 points Evans - 10 points Lehkonen - 9 points I'm not saying Kotkaniemi is leagues ahead, but he's clearly not the weak link here.
  9. His last goal was on January 21st. He's a hard worker, I like him, but he's out of place anywhere but the 4th line.
  10. You're doing it wrong. Exact opposite. Complete 180°.
  11. Was that Merrill with a poor decision, or was Caufield not in position?
  12. Poor Kotkaniemi getting sand-bagged with two offensive black holes. Gonna be rough for him unless he has a Thanos "Fine, I'll do it myself" moment.
  13. Nice to have a tie going into the 2nd period. Even nicer to have a multiple goal lead? eh? eh? Just a thought for next period, guys.
  14. No changes to personnel, but some changes to who they're playing beside.
  15. I have a vague memory of there being a rule against players being traded directly back to the team they are selected from for one year.
  16. I am obviously down for the greater good, but Phil Brickma quotes are a limited supply. I have passed the bottom of the barrel and am now scraping through the floor.
  17. "Let the big dog eat!" Final road trip of the regular season begins, and this is the last chance the Habs' will have to feast on a weaker team. A win here either vaults the team into 3rd or keeps pace with the Jets and drops the Flames out of the playoff race. Lineups changed at practice signaling a potential return from one of the injured forwards. More info to come...
  18. If the Habs do grab 3rd place from Winnipeg there is potential for 9 games in a row against Edmonton.
  19. Let me rephrase: I noticed before but I am just now really starting to care. Waste of air time.
  20. In the regular season it's Frolik, Evans, and Caufield (because they are the emergency recalls.) In the playoffs... Lehkonen?
  21. Might want to get some shots, guys.
  22. For this and the bullshit that transpired after this... honestly, just suspend him for the rest of this season and the playoffs. This is dangerous to a prone player against a team whose season is basically over.
  23. I've never really been impressed by him but I've really started to notice... Anthony Stewart kinda sucks. Is it a Sportsnet/CBC edict that the former player now analyst role must be someone terrible at the job?
  24. Yes, add in a blurb about good defensive play and that is the dictionary definition of Lehkonen.
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