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  1. It would be nice if Toffoli started to do anything.
  2. Romanov and Kulak giveth, Romanov and Kulak taketh away.
  3. I've got my Sad* Snacks ready to go. *They can be changed to Happy Snacks at any time, and I hope they do!
  4. Am I reading too much into Belzile not filling one of those vet spots yet?
  5. Habs have found 3 different ways to lose so far; Game 1: get dominated, Game 2: Dominate but get goalie'd, and Game 3: Err and watch as the wall behind you crumbles. It really sucks to watch the magic leave the team by the second.
  6. That's a mistake Price usually covers without issue. He's been pedestrian for 3 games when his team needed him the most.
  7. Habs don't look like they're shooting with any belief that they'll score.
  8. Heck, Gustafsson was the only one who crashed the net for a chance. He ain't the issue on the powerplay, folks.
  9. I'd say Weber was the weak link on the 4-3. Unless you're setting him up for a one timer he just doesn't have "it" anymore. Goose at least gives everyone options. I'll take him and Caufield on open ice over Weber any day.
  10. 1 year, 2 way contract, $750 000 Just putting this here for posterity purposes since depth signings appear to be taking an aggressive backseat to playoff hockey discussion for some reason 🙄
  11. This deserves some comment. I'm glad he's back. He'll be making a push for a 4th line/13th forward spot. It's nice to see him have belief in the organization towards his hockey career instead of seeking greener pastures or heading back to Europe.
  12. No powerplays for the Habs is a bit sketchy on the surface, but they did nothing in the third to force Vegas to defend with desperation.
  13. Ducharme gonna be having Vietnam flashbacks about defensive zone faceoffs.
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