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  1. Bring back GM Tex!!!!!!!!!!^^
  2. Tex

    HWL GM Openings

    Austria?!?!?! :puke: GERMANY---- Lünen 00492306-my number-^^
  3. Tex

    HWL GM Openings

    Thank you very much... Very excited to be a member of this great league again...
  4. Tex

    HWL GM Openings

    Nice nice... I have the newest file and everything I need... Could start the next days. Missed you guys... Damn... what the hell is JMFJ doing in Anaheim?!?! :puke:
  5. Tex

    HWL GM Openings

    Gimme a call if a team is free...^^
  6. We will kick every teams ass in this tournament.
  7. Honda Accord 2.3i SR (1995)
  8. The Edmonton Oilers have made a huge splash in restricted free agent pool. Sources tell TSN that the team has signed forward Thomas Vanek to a seven-year, $50 million contract, a signing that carries a price tag of four first round picks as compensation to the Buffalo Sabres if the team chooses not to retain him. The Sabres have called a news conference for 12:30pm et/9:30am pt to address the news. http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=212929&hubname= Oh my goodness
  9. I think it is a nice deal by the Flyers... They have the cap room and why not sign them? But the funny part of the NSH- PHI deal(s) are: Nashville traded Timmonen, Hartnell, Upshall, Parent and a 3rd to Philadelphia for Peter Forsberg in a predators jersey for 3 months...
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W1VY4b9IQQ...ted&search= :lool:
  11. Yeah I know Tekke... I am a native from turkey. Still can't believe it. :lool: Nice friend... It would be the same when you give him a picture of 100 oranges cause you are the oranjes
  12. :lool: :lool: :lool: :lool: OMG- a non turkish with a Trabzonspor jersey... I lmao. I have only one jersey: New York Rangers 3rd Replica Jersey #25
  13. Its hot in Germany too... Lot of sunshine here with 25-28 degrees. Tomorrow the same.
  14. Wonderful commercial from the Netherlands :lool:
  15. http://www.isnichwahr.de/redirect24366.html GOD BLESS AMERICA :lool:
  16. I think this is a fake cause the Staples Center in LA has only lavender seats... Or am I wrong?!?!
  17. Liverpool FC announced on Tuesday that the Board have agreed the terms of an offer for the Club from Mr George Gillett and Mr Tom Hicks. The Board are unanimously recommending that the Club’s shareholders accept this offer. Price is 714 million €Euros€ www.liverpoolfc.tv
  18. Firemen at Geneva airport... :lool: Nothing to do there... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EozTj6aqnAY
  19. Still my favorite: :lool:
  20. What about the Montreal Saints?!?! Saints cause Montreal is the best city in the world and god shall always save it
  21. http://youtube.com/watch?v=vWuGiFIdXXA&amp...ted&search= :lool: One of the best moments this season. Stars were infront with 5-4 7 secs till the end of the game. EN goal by Stefan for 6-4... NOOOOOOOOO. He missed and Hemsky scored for 5-5 2 sec before the game ends... And what did Al Iafrate say some years ago as a player: "Empty netter are for homos"
  22. Nah... The real Capitals team is the HWL Capitals team. The one and only Washington Capitals team... GO HABSWORLDLEAGUE GO
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