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  1. This deal expires when he is two years from UFA but guarantees he will make at least 6.5 million until he becomes a UFA.(Either at the end of this deal with no qualifying offer or at the expiry of his next contract.) Have to be curious as to what Feaster was thinking: Pro - 55 point last year + good potential + big strong center to replace the wingers we are using at center Con - Has zero bargaining power (RFA, No arbitration rights) + is 22 and only had one season of average scoring Decision - Lets give him just less than we pay Iginla. I can't believe Colorado matched this offer.
  2. I did not expect the doom and gloom of many pre-season predictions, however in my wildest dreams I would not have expected to be sitting in first place in the divison or conference.
  3. I have extra tickets for Saturday night vs. the Rangers that I am looking to sell. Seats are in Section 328 Row C $150 for the pair. Tickets are E-tickets.
  4. It may cost us a million more to sign him long term but that will be much better than trying to sign PK as a 28 year old UFA
  5. If Galchenyuk can bring them from a 10th to 8th place team then that would prove to be even better for his development as it would allow him to get playoff experience at 18 which would be a bonus IMO. As well if we finish ninth we can still draft No. 1 due to the new rules. All we should avoid doing is using him in a shut down role that stunts creativity. So long as he back checks hard, plays positionally solid I would allow him to get creative so long as he is outside our blue line
  6. Have to say I did not expect this kind of start to the season. If the PP can stay hot we can stay in/steal alot of games
  7. If you are buying his RFA years you have more control and bargaining power than if you extend his contract to buy the UFA years where he can go anywhere he wants. So in a short term deal you would not want to overpay but if you extend it to an eight year deal you need to pay for the year where he would not be under club control.
  8. I really don't want to trade Subban however I don't want Bergevin to cave to his demands. I am in full agreement with Doug Maclean of Sportsnet who says unless I'm buying UFA year I have a hard time paying more than 4 million. I also prefer the typical bridge contract.
  9. I think there is potential for Emelin or Eller to step up and be big surprises
  10. I dont like posting on here about tickets but I do have tickets available for the rangers game on Feb 23. I ended up with two sets after computer one froze and i ended up with an order on both my computers. Now I have twice as many tickets as I want. MSG for details.
  11. Does anyone know someone who wants tickets? I really need to get these tickets sold.
  12. I have two tickets for Desjardins Blue and cant go to the game......terrible... and also can't get rid of them at face value ugh
  13. My solution to the trade halak debate is send him to Philly along with a pick for a big winger who actually brings everything we need such as Hartnell....Hits fights and scores 25 to 30 would be amazing on a line with Gomez and Gionta would be a great addition to relieve the pressure from our top line
  14. WOO spidey is back which makes me happy because I have been looking for those hot and cold player stats forever. PS GO HABS GO Im very anxious and nervous thinking about Thursday night since the Penguins game ended Sunday afternoon.
  15. I have seen this team a few times good goalie but overall shitty
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