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  1. Yeah my question was more, who would you target for a tandem? Is there a clear #1 out there, where Allen goes back to being backup. I do not want the same issue the Knights had in the playoffs with their goalie switches.
  2. Let's say Price is taken by the Kraken, what is everyones thoughts on the Habs goaltending for next year? Is Allen good enough for #1 duty? Is he a 1a 1b with someone else? If so, who is a likely target?
  3. As a fan, I have much more leeway with a younger player, learning on the job, than a vet making mistakes.
  4. I've never played hockey before, how hard is for a player to switch from one wing to the other?
  5. The players doubling as ticket takers and concession workers.
  6. My expectations were so low for this offseason that the offer sheet has thrown me out of wack.
  7. I think they will match, but even then i'm not upset, I care more about MB making an effort than the result.
  8. Think about why they chose this number, they gave up one less 1st round draft pick is what I'm hearing.
  9. Yes we missed the playoffs but think of all the money the team is saving! /s
  10. I want the NHL GMs to get past this old school mentality and not get butt hurt over people putting in offer sheets.
  11. bar


    I don't want to do it illegally. I just want to be able to pay one service one price and get all the habs games, I cannot do that.
  12. bar


    I ended up not getting centre ice because I live in NS the 'habs region' I have so many games blacked out, it's horse shit. I guess I'm going the illegal route, even though I tried to pay for it.
  13. bar


    Cool beans, thanks everyone.
  14. Hey whats everyone's go to for streaming Habs games (legal subscription). Do people do the NHL centre ice package? Is there a streaming centre ice package?
  15. I'm bias as hell, but it didn't seem like that big of a deal. I suspect he'll get the rest of pre-season and like 2-3 regular season games to 'send a message'. Like someone said above, if Ek was running around slashing, bumping the goalie, then the whole "but its preseason" argument, doesn't hold water as to why Domi wanted to fight.
  16. Today the habs announce a trade of two C prospects....
  17. I would try to find someone else, since hopefully, when healthy he will be shipped out, and losing 2 captains in less than a calendar year seems bad.
  18. The way that the habs biggest concerns for the last 5-7 years was lack of centres, I wouldn't be surprised if we did the same move to just further increase the chances of one of the prospects turning out not to be a bust.
  19. I haven't delved deep into the trade but on it's face it looks like it's good for both sides (pending LV being able to resign Pax). So do the habs go captainless again (as is tradition) before picking a captain next year?
  20. I feel like you could never be 100% honest with the media, so for that part I think all coaches lie or bend the truth.
  21. The utter bullshit MB feeds to the media and fans would make me laugh, if I wasn't already crying at the state of the organization
  22. Our current lineup scares the shit out of me no matter who is on the other side of the ice.
  23. Nothing about that lineup screams exciting team to watch. I could handle not-exciting when the team was winning, but when you combine not winning and not exciting, count me out.
  24. You know what gives people good attitudes for the most part? Winning. If you're losing it's hard to have a good attitude. I just in good conscience can't understand how MB is allowed to touch the CH roster. I attitude change that's needed that wont come was already mentioned above, there is a great coach available right now, that could never be hired by Montreal because he doesn't speak french, the media and fans are hamstringing this organization.
  25. This is the kind of thinking that keeps letting the Montreal management off the hook for their terrible trades, this isn't the worst move they've made, but this is the straw that broke the camels back.
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