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  1. Forgot to include the links... http://nhl.speedera.net/nhlp/images/wmu/19...CON%20SMYTH.wmv http://nhl.speedera.net/nhlp/images/wmu/19...%20IN%20MTL.wmv If anyone has any interesting links from the 80's i'd love to know. I'm especially looking for Claude Lemieux's Game 7 overtime winner against Hartford. Mike Liut is still having nightmares about it!!
  2. I ran across these clips as I was on the "job". I'm sure all real genuine Habs fans will enjoy them. Roy sure as heck looks puney... When I see him like that, it baffles my mind how this kid carried a team on his back. I was at game 5 Wales Conferance Finals in the Forum against the Rangers. What a game. First game my old man ever took me to. After the game all the players were throwing their equipment to the fans. Ste-Catherine's was just like it is when they win the cup!! Text Tell me what u guys think...
  3. have followed and believed in Theodore since that magnificent game against New Jersey when as an inexperienced keeper he took over for Thibault. But trust me on this, he didn't play to his potential in the 2004 playoffs. Sure the team came back from a 1-3 deficit, but had Theo played up to his billing, we would have been up 3-1! He also sold his team in the Tampa series. Most notably that overtime goal scored by Dan Boyle (or was it Richards?) after Lecavalier had tied it with 17seconds left. I don't even want to remember that. Anyway, this is most probably just a rumor, and nothing more. But, if for any reason there is some validity to it I'm sure that Gainey will look into it. It makes sense for Montreal, but Ryder might be a bit too much to pay. If we could get a prospect in return it might make more sense, but all that talk about the Habs asking for Boumeester in return is just crazy. There is no way in hell that Florida will give up on a player of that stature, unless Keenan is on some serious Prozzak...
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