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  1. I’m more thinking he will slide to 4 after hearing Anaheim may go off the board and Columbus loves Smith. Much easier to trade with Sharks than Ducks.
  2. I’m putting this out into the universe. Adam Fantilli will be a Hab tomorrow night. Have a feeling 🙏
  3. Love this deal. Newhook has wheels and can play any forward position. I don’t think anyone mentioned that he was a former client of Kent Hughes when he was an agent, so he knows this kid inside and out. Fits the timeline and could be another Dach-like gem
  4. https://twitter.com/commie22/status/1231672406118404096?s=21 Commie seems to think there’s some Price talk also lol
  5. Anyone think Sakic is trying to acquire Drouin to play with Nate? I have a weird feeling. I would love a 1st and Ryan Suzuki for Petry. Two Suzukis 😛
  6. Hope he’s making a move for Samuel Girard. He’s the left handed d-man we should be pursuing.
  7. Yeah that’s the one. Thanks for the link. also, noted 📝
  8. Colorado has interest in Tatar according to Avs beat writer. Not sure how much steam this has but would love Conor Timmins + in return.
  9. Fingers crossed that he'll be back next season, guy has been an absolute unit this year.
  10. I honestly hear this opinion from other Habs fans and I don't understand it. Literally, who's available for our picks and prospects? It's week one and everyone is trying to win hockey games, not sell their stars.
  11. Johannson (Aho's agent) reps Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher and Brett Kulak.
  12. Maybe Johannson will now do Bergevin a solid when Gallagher's contract comes up.
  13. Saw him play a lot here in the Sault in junior. He’s very feisty and doesn’t quit on the forecheck. He wasn’t well liked by opponents and was targeted quite often. I think he has some offensive upside on our fourth line.
  14. Imagine him on one side and Caufield on the other - scary ass PP!
  15. As long as we sign guys before July 1, we good. ?
  16. It’s happening! But that has to be matched, no?
  17. Keith Kinkaid is expected to be signed by us tomorrow according to Elliotte Friedman. Solid backup. ?
  18. Over $13 million in cap now, I wonder if an RFA is being targeted with all the draft picks being acquired?
  19. Love the player but he is one hit away from retirement. MB got out at the right time.
  20. According to The Athletic and 98.5 Sports, Marc Bergevin is in contact with Wayne Simmonds and Jake Gardiner’s agents. I like both players but not sure Simmonds has much left, he’s played some hard minutes.
  21. I take it back buddy. We got a game changer. So stoked.
  22. I meant via trade but you are right, teams have hit quite a few times in that draft spot. I guess it just depends on how you value Puljujarvi and I value him more than most. Ideally I’d love to keep our pick and acquire him in another deal. But I think he has a lot of talent and would worth pursuing.
  23. I think at 21 years old and hopefully with his injuries behind him, he would be extremely hungry on a new club to prove people wrong. I would love for that be on a line with Jesperi Kotkaniemi.
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