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  1. How many times does it have to be pointed out that Souray wanted to test the free-agent market, and possibly head west in the process. He wasn't open to being re-signed during the season.
  2. Your posts have become a pleasure to read. One thing, is it possible that a stand up guy like Souray privately told Gainey he simply wants to play somewhere else. Guess we'll never know, but it seems to me that Hamrlik can easily match Souray's minutes from last year, while being more responsible defencively. His desire to head west has been mentioned thousands of times.
  3. I used to do the same thing for the Expos. Think up crazy ideas to encourage players to sign here. I'm gutted to think it may have come to this for the worlds most famous hockey team. Maybe some of those problem media sources can do commercials with the players, and pay them to do so. RDS, Journal de Montreal, have them use top players as spokesmen. Create Tiger Woods types in the province of Quebec. Picture Ryan Smyth eating a poutine for some restaurant, oh sorry, too late.
  4. Hey Pierre. The exact opposite of what you think just happened. The Rangers signed to of the biggest free agents. I guess you didn't happen to catch that info.
  5. The tax situation is a regular topic of conversation on local radio. Americans being in a lower bracket has never been mentioned, is this true? To my knowledge, nobody gets a break.
  6. You know what's really sad, Pierre, your posts are so ridiculous, you've become nothing more than a punch-line. There was not even a deal in place, nothing to veto.
  7. I have no problem saying McKenzie is more informed than you, wherever you feel Streit ranks on the Habs depth chart. C'mon, calm down Chris.
  8. For what it's worth, Pierre Mcguire doesn't believe in Huet, and he claims neither do most scouts. You've gotta prove it over the long haul of the season, which Huet has never done. Ya, he got injured, but what's troubling to me is his level of play seemed to drop before his injury. For many, the jury is still out on Huet. Don't be so "amazed" by the questions, he wasn't exactly a blue-chip prospect coming up the ranks.
  9. C'mon leafs. Use up all your available cap-space and sign this winner. Then tell us all that toronto is where he's always wanted to play.
  10. Uh, no they are not. The new arena is in Newark. From Newark one can clearly view the Manhattan skyline. The Devils have nothing to do with Philadelphia.
  11. The idea of the team moving to the Kitchener-Waterloo area seems absurd to me. I'm sure it's a nice place to live, and yes, the regions population is growing. But, it has ZERO marquee value. Can you imagine a game at Madison Square Garden between the Rangers and the K-W Whatevers, talk about bush league. It sounds lower than the AHL. I think owners from big time cities like Philly, NY, Boston, and even Montreal might have a problem with a team moving to what is basically a big "bedroom" community. Someone earlier posted a rant about how important an area K-W may be, I'm not disputing that, but perception from the rest of the continent is alot different.
  12. Nobody cares what you think he looks like, or what he may or may not have done in the past. C'mon, community radio, do you honestly think he's done?? For starters, he's owed millions of dollars. His contract encourages him to "push the envelope", which is exactly what he tried to do. There's just too much money on the table to have him stay home. If they try, it's expected he'll win in court, if he so chooses.
  13. Career done?? There's talk Imus may be back as soon as september.
  14. Gander may be a nice place to live, I guess. But hold on, the airport doesn't rank anywhere near the top in Canada, never mind north america. That sort of information is readily available online. Not in top 10 for passengers in Canada, not even in top 20 for plane movements, in Canada. I love how people just throw out facts. kinda like PTG...
  15. How many people can we get to inform you you're wrong. Baseball has completely dropped off my radar since the Expos moved, yet I was compelled to watch the sunday night game. At night 880AM booms out of NY City into Montreal, so one can even listen to the game when driving around in the car. There's a reason why networks like ESPN cover these games to the extent they do, RATINGS. You sound like someone bitter about the east-coast bias. Oh ya, you're from St. Louis, that explains it.
  16. Nicely put. I concur. I thought Lacroix was out myself...
  17. It's as though he took the Dawson shootings one step further with video of himself. What's next, filming the actual shooting as it's taking place. And really though, not much can be done to stop this.
  18. Ya dude, who doesn't know that? That means Gilette can't own both?
  19. Liverpool is a market of 800,000 people. Montreal is 3.6 million, with a following across Canada. What are you talking about?
  20. All I'm saying is that Vancouver is a next door to Washington state, and Calgary is next to Montana, that pretty much is the point. Every big city in north america, when you leave town, is near wilderness. Calgary is much smaller than Vancouver and what, 20 hours drive from any significant population.
  21. One thing, it's Calgary that's isolated, not Vancouver. Drive a couple of hours, I did, and you've got some of north america's most wild terrain. Seems to me Vancouver's pretty close to a cosmopolitan city like Seattle.
  22. No Jacques Villeneuve or Michael Schumacher, but still, F1 all the way.
  23. That about sums it up. Great post, they usually are from you. What I fear most is a repeat of last summer, which was basically the summer of J.P. Dumont. The french media push and push for any avalable talent from QC., it gets suffocating.
  24. I'd love to see Gainey sign Ryan Smyth. After that, trade Kovalev for a draft pick to the Islanders. Sort of like a consolation prize for them. Kovalev maintains a home in NY anyway.
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