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  1. I say they go with the Olde English mutton chops! :hlogo:
  2. GO HABS GO!! YOU MUST WIN!! THAT...... IS ALL!! :hlogo:
  3. Good point, BTH. It would do us WONDERS if Saku can get his line going to where Kovys is in the playoffs. And when Komi is back they could go far. :hlogo:
  4. From the UFA list if Halak leaves.......hmmm. Cristobal Huet? JK, probably Conklin would be a suitable backup. :hlogo:
  5. Haha.. I thought this thread was about the Leafs shitty hockey taking up air time that it was causing TV shows to be cancelled. Lol.. my mistake. :hlogo:
  6. PlasterRock also has a very nice fiddlehead festival in the summer! (I live about an hour and a halfs drive away from there) :hlogo:
  7. Probably when he found out that he was traded from Toronto he became so overcome with joy that he snapped. :hlogo:
  8. Oh, I was kinda hoping that it was like Heatlys. Enought to put him out until the playoffs where he wouldnt matter anyway. :hlogo:
  9. Im not worried.. hes in a slump.. he'll snap outta it soon. :hlogo:
  10. According to Eklund it was Fletcher who made the decision for the Habs to keep what we got. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=13737 :hlogo:
  11. Later on......... "Ooh, Im sorry Ray that answer was incorrect, and what did you wager? Oh, your future sorry.... that means you Bob Gainey are our new Jeopardy champion with a one day total of a good team that keeps rising." :hlogo:
  12. I really dont think that alot of the big UFA magnets will be able to attract this summer. Most of them are full of overpaid talent as it is. :hlogo:
  13. I was at that game, what a night, being one of the firsts to HUET HUET HUET HUET HUET HUET!!!!!!!! Ahh, I miss him already. :hlogo:
  14. Bob seems to be pissed. Heres my take on what happend today: Early on he realized that it wasnt good to keep switching goalies after they had a bad game so he moved the UFA who (in all realistic likelihood) was gone anyway. Bob probably had the best offer on the table most of the day and when Ottawa traded for Lapoint I figured that they were backing out of the race a bit. Wadell held out on Bob stalling to the last minute and then Shero came in last minute and SEVERLY OVERPAID for Hossa, and with that offer put out Bob probably told Wadell to go piss up a tree. Although I would have liked to see Bob get somebody with a little toughness and maybe upgrade on Bouillon/Dandenault, you cant say that Bob didnt do the right things today. This team showed tonight that they still are a strong team that wont only continue to push for 1st but will make some NOISE in the playoffs. Even if we dont win the cup this year, ITS OK............... This team proved everyone wrong this season and we will be able to see what is needed to be added to make this team the best in the East next year. The big UFAs this summer will no doubt take notice, and this summer instead of "No, its a nice offer but your team is too far away for me to sign", it will be "Im really glad to have gotten this opportunity to join an up and coming team" I have a feeling that Bob will feel bad for the Hossa debauchle and will make it up to us this summer by landing the big one..... See Vincent Lecavalier: VINsant LEcaValeeA -1. Best all around forward in the league 2. Proven scorer and leader 3. The last piece to the Habs return to LE GLORIEUX! And surely enough, the Habs will return next year stronger and better than before. Patience folks, 25 will soon be here, As will 26, 27,28,29 & 30. GO HABS GO!!!! :hlogo:
  15. Im truly sad to see him go. Hes been my favourite goalie since Roy and he did more for us in the last 3 years than anyone can give him credit for. Thanks Cris and good luck in the future. :hlogo:
  16. If Hossa is traded to us I think it will be on Tuesday so he wouldnt be ready to play until after the Habs play the Thrashers. :hlogo:
  17. Yup, so Im at work and check the scores on my break, 0-5, way to go boys. Get home and HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO! Lookout Ottawa.... :hlogo:
  18. Meh, good for them... its not like hes going to turn them around. :hlogo:
  19. Baracks the man as far as Im concerned.. I actually watch his speeches.... Hillary is done. :hlogo:
  20. The only way i could see Bob going after Havlat is if Higgins had to go for Hossa. :hlogo:
  21. Its been 25 the last two years... lets see it hit 30 this year. :hlogo:
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