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  1. well you got to admit they followed their plan. Just didn't get the result they wanted.
  2. Now that makes sense. Perfectly qualified.
  3. As what? Asst stick boy?
  4. thank god we didn't fire him, being so valuable and all. Could we maybe encourage some of the other jerks to hit the road? We won't need to replace their useless asses either.
  5. I agree it is just a thread, the world won't end. So we discuss Ott for a while, what the hell is wrong with that. I liked Ott and hoped he would be back but he wants to be a coach and the Blues are giving him an opportunity. Good for him.
  6. I simply don't get how trading the best offensive players on the team for offense makes any sense. We need to add offence not make a lateral trade that gains us (maybe) an extra goal or 2. Although Mark down Mark seems good at lateral trades that accomplish shite.
  7. There is no way I give up Lehkonen for him.
  8. You simply should not expect your goalie to win the game every night. He should keep you in the game and give you a chance to get some goals. Carey does that in spades. Can we afford him? We will have to wait and see. I hope so but I am afraid that we can't at 10 mill/yr. 7.5 or 8 Yup
  9. 4 million salary 45 points per year. he better be cheap.
  10. I had forgotten just how frigging goofy that was.
  11. Jim Nill is willing to move the #3 pick Cause he has 2 1st's. I would think we should take a shot at that.
  12. Ya Le Genius still has lots of Molson bucks to throw around. I should be so lucky.
  13. Jodoin is waiting for Le Genius to get a new job.
  14. The Kings did not do so good in getting Bishop. They gave up Budaj (who played well for them) a young defence prospect (who looks good) and a couple of picks (no real loss) for what is now a 4th 5th and I think a conditional pick in 2017. I think they should have stuck with Budaj.
  15. But but it is too hard, and there are no #1 centers available.
  16. Shooting at the crest n his jersey just doesn't do it.
  17. I do believe they did, and he has been pissed off ever since.
  18. well we don't know how negotiations went. we heard earlier he did not want to come to the habs, so who knows.
  19. depends on the team doing the giving, and what the assets are. But that trade won't ever happen, the difference between the top 10 goalies in the league is not enough to warrant that kind of return imho.
  20. What is the point of trading Patches? He is a solid 30- 40 goal scorer. You gonna get a what? a 41 goal scorer? Come on guys you don't trade offence when you are goal starved. Trade prospects defence but whatever we need more goals. Trading Patches does not make that happen. we need goals wherever they come from, as long as we are not replacing patches goals for some other guys goals.
  21. Interesting that we beat out 8 other teams. Well looks like it is so long, Goodbye, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out to N8 the great.
  22. I heard Joan was a hell of a scorer, and was hotter than all get out.
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