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Who would you rather have-Craig Rivet or Josh Gorges?


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While watching the Canadiens defence I have been impressed with the development of young defenceman Josh Gorges. So I couldn't help but wonder who, today, we would rather have. The experience of Rivet or the youth and potential of Gorges.

Craig Rivet is 34, played in 74 games this year, scored 5 goals, 30 assists, was plus 3 and earns $2.470 million.

Josh Gorges is 24, played in 62 games this year, scored 0 goals, 9 assists, was even in plus/minus and earns $495.000.

My choice would be Josh Gorges. Craig Rivet looked tired last year and I think his time in Montreal was up. Over the next year or two he'll probably start to wind down his career. Gorges is young, looks fresh and eager and not afraid to hit. I think we have a developing young defenceman with lots of potential who could be a top 6 defenceman in the coming years.

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I think this is a flawed question.

The real question should be would you rather have Craig Rivet or Josh Gorges AND Max Pacioretty.

If we think we'd pick Gorges over Rivet straight up think about how one sided that deal is when you add in Max.

edit: Just saw that post above.... my thoughts exactly :P

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Definitely rather have Gorges instead of Rivet for a variety of reasons. Rivet was a great warrior here, but his time was up.

1) Gorges younger.

2) Salary difference.

3) Gorges has much better mobility.

4) Gorges fits in better with the younger core group.

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