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316 yards passing for Tebow. 31.6 yrds per completion. 3:16? You've gotta be kidding right?

oh and the guy who told him to "pull the trigger" is JOHN elway, and his coach is JOHN fox.

oh and when the Steelers had a 3rd and 16, Roethlisberger threw an interception in the 2nd quarter.

oh and the pass that finally silenced all the doubters was made to Thomas (Doubting Thomas)

oh and the Steelers and Broncos combined for 666 total yards.

Thats just messed up.

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Nah, hold was good enough.

I didn't get why they didn't at least review that Lee Evans catch/drop. It was close.

Need the Niners to win, otherwise I'll have no interest in the Super Bowl.

The timing was good for a perfect hold, not just good enough. But you're right, he's the one who could get away with it... wasn't that bad.

I thought they would maybe review Evans catch as well.

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