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Sergei Kostitsyn Interview with Yahoo Blogger


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But even if you fight in a visor, if someone has a direct hit they will smash your face. No chances, whether you wear a visor or not.


Kovalchuk's contract will expire soon. Would his style of play fit Montreal?

Montreal? Of course he would fit [well] with Montreal. Kovalchuk would fit well with any team. Maybe I should talk to him and he will come [here].

Just like that? Sit down and talk to him?

Sure, I will talk to him. When he arrives here I will talk to him about coming here [to play]. [laughing]

Lawlz - Kovalchuk is a habs for sure.

Do you race?

Not really. I can drive fast when there is no snow.

Better look out for this guy when the snow melts... lol

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But you have to agree that Sidney Crosby is a great player with great skill. It's not for nothing he is considered one of the best players.

Yes, he is very technically skilled. But Semin, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Malkin are more technically skilled.

And it's not because they are Russian, it's just my opinion.

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After the last incident on the ice, in which Grabovski was suspended for shoving an official, he said about you, "I think he is not Belarussian now, he is French because I never fight with Belarussian guys." Maybe he doesn't know you are Belarussian? Why would he say that?

Well, maybe. Maybe he thinks I am French? I don't know. He talks a lot. But this was a spit in the face of all French [Canadian] players. When he said that I was French, he meant that all French are idiots. But they all read [about this], and it will only be bad for him during the next game. When you lose, just leave and be quiet, why do you have to say something about the French? I don't care what he said about me, that I am French. But our French [Canadian] players read the papers, they saw what he said, and I don't know what's going to happen during the next game [between Montreal and Toronto].

Problem is, Habs only have 1 player small enough to go after Grabo. It's Bouillon...


Well, actually, Cube is more than enough!

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Great article.

I really liked when he said he would ask Kovalchuck to join the Habs. Somebody should definitely be calling him, but I should probably be Kovalev and then Markov. There is probably a really good chance that Kovalev is a player that has inspired Kovalchuck. It might sound silly to some but dont forget that Bob was unable to sign Smyth because Sakic phoned him up and convinced him to go to Colarado.

I actually agree with what they say aboot Crosby. Sure Crosby is great and all, but so is Thorton, Lecalvier, etc.

Crosby is really good at everything, but I dont consider him to be #1 in any 1 aspect. i.e. skating, shooting, passing, stick handling, etc.

However I do consider A.O. to be a #1, I dont think anybody has a better shot than A.O. A close 2nd would probably be Kovalchuck.

Also I dont think Crosby is in the top 5 or 10 of multiple categories, but all the players I mentioned above would be.

Crosby got twice the hype of all of the players I mentioned above combined.

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I found some of the questions to be really stupid ("Maybe he doesn't know that you are Belarussian?") but still fun to read. Definitely better than the last SK interview posted on here that was supposedly hilarious.

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