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Centennial Game GDT: Bruins vs Canadiens


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Patrick Roy: trying to intimidate the opposition even when just on visit for ceremonies! That's a real competitor for you!

Seriously !

He had more fire in eyes than 95% of our current Habs :blink:

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Wow, did anybody else have a tear in their eye watching that?

Go Habs Go!

Oh, I had a couple of tears, all right. And goosebumps when all those former greats stepped onto the ice in full uniform! That was just so great.

It was truly touching to see Lach and Bouchard. Only the Habs can do this stuff :hlogo:

Is it just me or did anybody else notice that Bob Gainey looked kinda lonely out there? I swear I saw him averting the eyes of Doug Jarvis. And did he interact with Carbo at all? Forlorn, man.

Watching this, I had two further sentiments. One is the realization of just how blasted hungry I am as a fan for another Stanley Cup. I'll bet I want it worse than some of the current players, g*dammit!!

I also felt a bit queasy. Like: that's IT. The past is officially past. The ceremonies have been marked, the jerseys retired, the legends honoured, the whole thing wrapped up in style. But now, going forward there is nothing but the future...and it looks like mediocrity as far as the eye can see. How I would love for this intuition to be proven wrong :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

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One thing is missing from tonight, Saku Koivu.

What are they going to say.....14 seasons...0 cups...led canadiens to 2nd round playoffs?

Give it a rest :clap:

On a side note...GO HABS GO!!!! I'm expecting them to come out firing tonight and really show heart. IF they dont..they all deserve to be shot and pissed on, knowing how much it means to put that uniform on after that ceremony!

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