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GDT: Game 6, Montreal vs Washington


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I'm not saying that i'm always right or that I see everything that goes on the ice. I was at the Bell Centr last night, I knew that Laps was gonna get a diving call on the first "dive". IT was deserved.

However, the second diving call on Lapierre was iffy at best and the one on Gionta was a load of horse shit!

I think the second one on Laps would never have happened without the first, and was more like a parent saying "PERIOD!" at the end of a sentence. I missed the Gionta one, but I don't think he wears slippers much.

Sheesh! We all said Go Habs Go....and they went!


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That game was eerie because, as it unfolded, my rational brain was telling me that our leads were fragile and that the Caps could destroy us in one or two shifts, but for once I didn't really believe it. Everyone watching that game KNEW that Halak was just in total and absolute control - there was no way he was going to lose. (I don't think his getting scored on punctured anything; in fact I think it was a good thing because a shutout would have tilted the karma the wrong way somehow). That is a feeling I have not had since the Roy days. (Theo has splendid moments, but never projected the aura of indestructibility I got from Halak last night).

You're right, we have, miraculously, managed to regain the psychological edge in this series. Mea culpa: I did not for one minute believe it to be possible. The Canadiens are loose and confident, riding high and full of self-belief. The Caps are frustrated and edgy. I will expect them to come out with the greatest single attack wave we have seen all series at the start of Game Seven. IF (and it's a big if) we can withstand that, then we may - just may - get to witness the delicious sight of the Caps in meltdown mode. Even failing that, if we can survive the initial waves, we actually have a chance to win this crazy thing.

Like I said - I can hardly believe it. Halak deserves a lot of credit for last night, but the team as a whole - and the coaches - are what got us into the position where one stolen game could PUSH THE CAPS TO THE BRINK OF ELIMINATION. Exciting times. Now let's finish the deal and eliminate these f*ckers!!!!

Interesting post. I agree with most of your comment, except that we have to consider one thing: Halak's performance, as good as it has been, will not rank among the best if we don't beat the Caps. I mean, we recall Dryden and Roy not only because they had great performances, but because they allowed their team to pass to another level, and even win the cup. They also did the trick a number of times. I know that they had better team in front of them, but it's still the hurdle Halak has to overcome: he has to win to reach the icone status.

Gionta dive call was BS. Laps' first dive was sick. The second was iffy. I support diving calls without calling the infraction too. Diving is dishonorable and cowardly.

On the second one, there was a penalty to the Caps player. Bad job by the ref.

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