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The Gauthier Boyz

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Here's the biggest non-pr reason Pierre Gauthier should be fired at the end of the season, if not immediately. These guys are a group I have come to know as the "Gauthier Boyz" a group whose mind numbing mediocrity are stifling the Canadiens. If this is the best he can do, well, it's just not good enough.


Chris Campoli-Totally stinks, shouldn't even be in the league. Routinely dances around the offensive zone, leaving his players in confusion, and someone like Pacioretty to cover his spot, while the puck promptly dies on his stick. 0 physicality. Worst of all, with no team to play for, Gauthier gives him A RAISE to ply his third rate offensive zone schtick.

Petteri Nokelainen-More like "Jokelainen." Attempting to write a follow up to "Around the World in 80 Days" as he tries to join ten NHL teams and play 50 or less games on them before he turns 30.

Tomas Kaberle-Barf, barf, barf. What a loser! Completely exposed on the Bruins and Hurricanes, Gauthier couldn't resist taking on another bad contract. Perhaps he doesn't want to be the GM? This is the only reason I could think of taking on Kaberlame.

Rene Bourque- Part of what I call the "Narcolepsy Line" Bourque is currently playing below his potential with the two stalest Habs, the emerging Lars Eller and Tomas "I want to be a third-line plug" Plekanec.

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I hope Gauthier is kept on, but very unlikely.

Campoli is weak but an OK 6th or 7th d-man

the Finn is disposable but fine as a 8 minute a night guy on 4th line.

And i disagree with the 2 others and Kaberle and Bourque will be fine additions and most wanted to turf Cole after his start as a Hab as well, but Bourque is a big body and a proven 20-27 goal scorer who can skate very well for a bigger guy, not sure who you want to replace him at his salary? i would be curious to hear options.

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I got mixed feelings about fireing Gauthier... would it be a bad idea before our most important draft in ages? OR would it be a good idea?

as I've said many times, Trevor Timmins and his staff MUST be retained. His results are #1 in the NHL as per the article I recently posted.

Its probably best if gauthier and the pro coaching/scouting staff is gone. But keep the amateur scouting department.

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I forgot another "Gauthier Boy" Commandant. Otherwise known for quality insights that we all like to read, when discussing JM or PG Commandant becomes incensed and insists they are above reproach. He must be a relative.

Funny how Erik Cole, Lars Eller, Raphael Diaz and Alexei Emelin didn't qualify to be Gauthier boyz

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Sorry you must have missed the post where I said PG should be fired.  That comes right above the post where you attack me and misrepresent my opinions and statements.

Of course this is now the second example where you only tell half the story and ignore the half with facts that don't fit your narrative.  

I on the other hand prefer not to attempy to characterize our GM as someone who every move is good or every move is bad, but prefer to see that there are shades of grey here too.

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