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Called Up: Brett Lernout


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59 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

ayyyyyy Christmas bonus for Lernout.


I'm guessing Julien didn't appreciate Morrow's play all that much yesterday.


I dont know about that.


With Mete joining canada

Davidson in edmonton

And weber shut down



They had only 6 healthy d and have a back to back in alberta.  If a d comes up with the flu or gets hurt at practice or in the calgary game, getting another d out west could be an adventure.


This way we have a spare.

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10 hours ago, dlbalr said:

Not surprisingly, Lernout has been sent back to Laval.  Even though the roster freeze is in effect, he was eligible to be sent back down (until midnight tonight) since his recall came after December 11th.


Did they at least sharpen his skates first?

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someone give him a chair to skate with, gotta go back to basics lol



jokes aside, he is capable of so much more than what he showed his first game, I hope he gets his composure back going forward and showcase his brand of hockey that made him a standout in Laval and earned him the call up.

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