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GAME#80 Habs vs Bruins 7:00 Sunday April 24 2022


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1 hour ago, DON said:

I dont think anyone thinks they would sign a high $$ UFA; even if they did have the cap room. 

But, without seeing what trades they make in June/July, i wouldnt predict horrible, more 'weak' or thin roster is almost a guarantee.

Maybe middle of pack if Caufield-Suzuki-Anderson etc all have big years, Guhle, Harris or Barron can play simple/solid hockey and have a 1/2 decent tender, a healthy Price might work and avoid a ton of injuries.


I tend to agree that they won't be looking at any big  free agent signings this summer.  The big challenge will be the Price and Gallagher contracts. I think we are stuck with both.  Hopefully Gallagher will have a bounce back year next year.  I think Gallagher will work hard this summer and be ready next year but nobody else wants to pay him 6.5M/year unless he can really turn things around which is doubtful but possible. I still think Petry has value, not sure about Hoffman and Armia, those will be tough to get rid of. Drouin will likely have a career year as he is in his contract year so he should have some value at the deadline. 

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Goaltending is the giant question mark for next season. It might be the difference between a bubble team and a team well into the lottery.

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