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Picture War!

Doktor Kosmos

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This is yet another thread from a different messege board that I thought I'd implement on here, it's usually very popular. Do try to be a little discrete though. Follow the rules of this board; don't go overboard. ;)

The rules are easy: someone posts a picture and the next poster posts a picture that is in some way related to the previous picture, only better. It's very easy (and very amusing!) once you get the hang of it.

Just remember not to take it seriously though, this is just for entertainment.

I'll start'er off by posting this:


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ummm kinda hard to continue with fanpuck's anime :P

so i decided to put a betty boop since she's a cartoon character...

and let's suppose that the anime guys (of fanpuck's) r looking at her and drooling :P hahaha


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