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    I loved Damphousse, but he wasn't the heart and soul of the '93 Habs. That was Kirk Muller. (To those who interject that #33 was the heart, I strongly disagree. If comparing players to body parts, Roy was more of a particularly strong and fragrant sphincter muscle. You couldn't get shit past it, but what an asshole.)
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    Also Jacob De la Rose is barely an AHLer.
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    For me, there's no doubt in my mind that Beaulieu will develop into at the very worst, a top 4 defenseman in the league. I've probably stated that more times than I realize. I expected him to pair well this season with Weber and while that didn't happen, I actually think it's obvious that he has top 4 caliber potential written all over him. He made the team quicker than other defensemen of the same age who will still find a home as 3rd pairing defensemen in the league. Even most who are against him state that he has the skill but nothing between the ears. First of all, if you've ever heard him during an interview, he generally tends to say all the right things. He doesn't actually strike me as someone who is missing anything upstairs. I think it's unfair to label people like Eller, Beaulieu, Emelin, etc. who don make boneheaded plays from time to time as intellectually inferior in any way. Secondly and tied in with that, those who don't believe he will grow into his potential argue that he will be the same at 30 mentally as he is now. If that's not anything other than a simple hypothetical hypothesis, then I don't know what is. I can just as easily say that he will mature in those areas and may even find himself as a top 2. My current expectation of Beaukieu and where he might fit on even a contending team? A top second pairing defenseman, or #3.
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    i wish Petry had some of Beaulieu's willingness to stickup for teammates...specifically when Price get's pushed around. Just throwing this out there ...but why hasn't Beaulieu been paired with Weber? Or Markov? Or have those experiments happened already?
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    Given the age group you're in, I figured it was damphouse, but was just looking for a reaction ?
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    My entire reason for hating Dandenault was he was, "Wearing Damphousse's number" I used to have Damphousse vs. McCarty fights in grade school simply over who was the better #25.
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    He ####s up too much. Sorry, you can be a great player but if the team loses because you make one stupid play per game, you need to go (see PK). For me I would rather they keep Benn protected over him come the expansion draft. He's always going to be that guy that cripples the team with his brain farts.
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    I don't retire Markov's number. Every number in the Habs rafters is an all-time great at his position. Markov is probably not even a hall of famer. The guys in the rafters are all Hall of Famers, but not just that... they are all no doubters for the Hall of Fame. Like we don't even have all our Hall of Fame Players numbers retired, but just the no doubt, best of the best hall of fame guys.
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    Yes has been paired with Weber, not sure many games/shifts but a good amount I think? And maybe Markov and Beaulieu are two lefties they just cant see working (or Markov had a veto on being paired up with him?).
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