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  1. Not sure of the Zach Parise comparison. Zach is 5"11' and 196 lbs. I'm assuming that you are basing your comment on similar skills?
  2. I would really like the Habs to trade some of our 2nds and 3rd / 4th round picks to get another 1st rounder. Whichever combination works is good with me. We need quality picks now! Over the last couple of years, we haven't signed all of our picks due to the 50 contract rule. Let's not simply waste picks that can't be signed. If we can't make a trade to move up, maybe we trade picks for future years or maybe some of our current picks help us to get that scoring winger?
  3. No disrespect to Commandant, but I believe it's too early to tell (KK vs Hughes)
  4. I also believe that he is potentially the player who ends up with Seattle, depending on which players get protected of course. I guess we will have to see what Edmundson brings to the table this coming season, should he get signed by the Habs.
  5. I agree with what Winnipeg expect and yes Laine has had his pouting moments. Regarding other available UFA's, Montreal has not been very successful in attracting them and a trade might be our only option.
  6. Did you watch Gaudreau play in the playoffs? If so, you were satisfied with his performance? There are players who have great regular season stats and disappear in the playoffs. As a Calgarian, I can tell you that Johnny Hockey is one of those! Give me a Gallagher (small) any day, but not Gaudreau.
  7. The only comment that I want to make is that Gaudreau is 5'7, 165 lbs. The Habs don't need another small player, especially in the playoffs where he disappears. Give me Gallagher any day, even if his style limits his career.
  8. I have seen trade proposals for Calgary's Gaudreau for Domi +. I live in Southern Alberta and have watched Gaudreau play since he arrived in Calgary. He is a good little player and has the points to prove it. However, come playoff time, he disappears. He is small, soft and doesn't get involved. The Habs don't need another small forward. We need size and skill upfront, players who can take the grind of playoff hockey and contribute offensively.
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